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DuraVision DX0211-IP
IP Decoding Box
The DuraVision DX0211-IP is an ideal solution for video walls and multi-monitor security environments. It features powerful decoding performance, flexible video management, and a compact design.
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Solutions for Every Market

EIZO's IP decoding solutions provide high performance, long-term reliability, and flexible installation to a wide range of environments.
Solutions for Every Market


Integrated Solution

The DuraVision DX0211-IP connects to an IP camera or switch and streams video directly to a connected monitor. It does not require a PC, software, or other hardware to operate, greatly simplifying installation and saving on time and labor costs. This also eliminates several potential points of failure and addresses security concerns typical of a conventional setup by heavily reducing the amount of equipment needed to manage sensitive visual data.

Integrated Solution

Innovative Decoding Technology in Box Form

The DuraVision DX0211-IP brings EIZO's innovative decoding technology from its unique IP decoding monitors to an external box format. It decodes multiple feeds from IP cameras for displaying video in real time. It can be used with varying monitor sizes and resolutions, making it ideal for video walls and multi-monitor environments.

Innovative Decoding Technology in Box Form



Powerful Performance

Video Decoding

The DuraVision DX0211-IP can decode H.265 (HEVC), as well as H.264 and MJPEG codecs, displaying them in real time for assessing any situation quickly. In addition, the decoding technology ensures a high fps (frames-per-second) for displayed content, even when streaming high-resolution video. For example, 16 Full HD (1920 x 1080) video feeds displayed simultaneously on a single monitor achieve a consistent 20 fps.

Examples of framerate at different resolution and screen combinations.

Video Decoding

4K Output to Dual Monitors

The DuraVision DX0211-IP is equipped with two HDMI outputs that support 4K UHD resolution (3840 x 2160) on up to two monitors. This allows users to view two monitors side-by-side in an extended display, or flexibly combine different resolutions, such as Full HD and 4K, for an optimal multi-monitor viewing environment.

4K Output to Dual Monitors

Secure Investment with Support for Over 300 Cameras

The DuraVision DX0211-IP supports cameras with ONVIF Profile S, Axis VAPIX, and Panasonic protocols for flexible installation and ensured interoperability with a wide range of products. In addition, a direct connection through RTSP is available (Direct URI).


Camera compatibility details

camera partners

Register up to 48 IP Cameras

Up to 48 different IP cameras, including 4K cameras, can be registered to the IP box through the intuitive web UI. Cameras can be discovered automatically or registered manually, and individual settings are easily managed from a central location.


Register up to 64 IP Cameras

Live Streaming Directly from IP Cameras

Connecting IP cameras directly to the DuraVision DX0211-IP allows for the live streaming of video without a decentralized recording solution, such as edge recording or cloud archiving. This provides a solution for scenarios which require live streaming without the storage of recorded images.

Live Streaming Directly from IP Cameras



Features for Ease-of-Use

Adjustable Screen Layout

With the user-friendly web UI, you can easily adjust the layout of the video streams with 7 default options, displaying up to 32 screens simultaneously across 1 or 2 monitors. In addition, flexible arrangement of the screens on each monitor in a custom layout allows you to fulfill individual viewing needs. With custom layout you can merge individual windows to focus on specific areas, or split them to see more on a single screen. Video feeds can be viewed in the original aspect ratio or stretched to fill the custom-created space.


Choose from 7 default layouts.

Adjustable Screen Layout

Create a custom layout.

Adjustable Screen Layout

Sequential Lock

When using the sequential image display setting, users can select an image to remain static, even through page changes. This allows operators to keep eyes on a single focus point while maintaining  coverage in several other areas.
Sequential Lock

Privacy Mask and Virtual Line

The DuraVision DX0211-IP allows users to assign static privacy masks to hide private information or virtual lines to track barriers and other areas of concern on the live video stream. Up to 10 objects can be applied at once and they do not alter the source stream. This ensures operators can reliably monitor activity while observing necessary privacy rules and regulations, with the original data securely stored separately.

Example of privacy mask used to protect private information at an ATM.
Privacy Mask
Privacy Mask

Example of virtual line used to track road barriers.


Intuitive Camera PTZ Control

Operators can easily control individual camera PTZ settings using the buttons displayed over the selected video stream. This intuitive interface streamlines operation for more efficient viewing.

Secure Network Communication

The DuraVision DX0211-IP supports HTTPS protocol to ensure authenticated access for secure communication over a network.

This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit. (https://www.openssl.org/)
This product includes cryptographic software written by Eric Young (eay@cryptsoft.com).

User Control with USB Connection

The IP decoding box is equipped with a USB downstream port so you can connect a USB-supported mouse, keyboard, or joystick for controlling and navigating the user interface or web UI. To maintain access security, the USB port does not support USB memory or storage devices so you can rest assured that data is not transferred to or from the box.

User Control with USB Connection



Integration with Security Systems

Custom Event Response with Alert-to-Action

The web API supports custom integration with local security systems and devices to allow communication with and response to alerts over the network. When an event occurs and an alert is sent from IP cameras, access control,  hazard detection, VMS, or other systems, EIZO's IP decoding solution responds with a preassigned action, such as layout adjustment, message display, audio activation, camera adjustment, masking, and more. Implementing an intelligent visual communication system into the workflow ensures operators have the most pertinent information at the right time to respond to situations quickly. EIZO works closely with security system providers and end users to custom tailor Alert-to-Action to streamline individual environments.

Custom Event Response with Alert-to-Action

Security Systems

Event Response for Every Environment

An efficiently running facility relies heavily on staff and security personnel having the right information at the right time. See how Alert-to-Action helps facilitate streamlined operations and  maintain a safe environment for hospitals, public transportation hubs, and more.

Learn more

Issue Commands to Network Devices

Through the event notification settings, users can manually send HTTP commands directly to the IP monitor or network device from the live view screen. For example, activate a door lock or turn off the alert and return to original viewing state.


Synergy with Leading VMS

EIZO works with security & surveillance leaders to ensure technical compatibility and streamlined functionality with various video management systems/software (VMS).

Genetec milestone SCHILLE Accellence Panasonic



Co-Development of User-Requested Plugins
EIZO came together with leading VMS makers to design plugins to meet highly requested end user requirements. By fully integrating into these VMS frameworks, users can easily setup, manage, and command EIZO's IP decoding solutions from a centralized platform.

Co-Development of User-Requested Plugins


Read more on the plugin for Genetec Security Center. Download the plugin for Milestone XProtect.
Genetec Security Center milestone XProtect



Upgraded Functionality

Software Updates

EIZO's in-house development team continues to provide upgraded features and functions to its IP decoding solutions through periodic software updates. Innovating these updates in-house ensures EIZO provides its customers with the latest functionality and technical support with efficiency and reliability.
Download the latest software

Enterprise License

Users can subscribe to an optional Enterprise License which includes advanced features, such as those listed below, to meet specific environment or application requirements. Contact EIZO for more information about licensing.

Contact EIZO

Playback Recorded Video

Video segments recorded to the registered IP camera's SD card can be played back for quick review. Simply select the camera and the recorded data from the pull-down menu.

Supported by cameras with Panasonic or AXIS protocols only.
Requires Extension Playback License in addition to the Enterprise License. Contact EIZO for details.

Playback Recorded Video

View Remote Monitor Live Streams via the Web UI

Live video streams displayed on remotely located monitors can be viewed in real-time via the web UI so operators can check display status without needing to visit the installation site.

Video plays back at 1 fps in the live stream window.


Live Image Menu Customization

Customize the live view menu with preset icons of your choice using the Icon arranger function. You can also save up to seven custom layout presets and add it to the live view menu. Presets can also be renamed for easier menu navigation.


Screen Rotation

The screen can be rotated to adapt to the connected monitor in portrait position for environments requiring this layout.

Screen Rotation

VMS Failover

When used with a VMS (video management software/system), a monitor receives IP camera video streams through the VMS server. In the event the server is disrupted, the monitor may stop displaying the live video feed. With the failover feature, if the IP monitor or box loses communication with the VMS server, it connects directly to the cameras registered to continue to display video.

Requires Extension Failover License in addition to the Enterprise License. Contact EIZO for details.

VMS Failover

Support for a Range of Protocols

SRT (Secure Reliable Transport)

SRT is an open source video transport protocol that enables the delivery of high-quality and secure, low-latency video across the public internet. It is ideal for video streaming in environments where latency and consistent connection pose a challenge, such as onboard ships or in remote locations.
Read more here.

Requires Extension SRT License in addition to the Enterprise License. Contact EIZO for details.


LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)

LDAP is a protocol for connecting to directory services that centrally manage network devices and users. User and password management is simple and secure when under the LDAP server.

AXIS SRTP (Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol)

AXIS SRTP support enables the IP monitor or box to receive encrypted video streams from AXIS cameras, further increasing security.

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)

SNMP is a communication protocol for monitoring and controlling devices connected to a network. It consists of an SNMP manager and SNMP agent. The IP monitor or box acts as an SNMP agent to return device information in response to a request sent by the SNMP manager, and to notify a change in status when a specified event occurs. The DuraVision DX0211-IP support SNMP v1 and v2c.

Enterprise License is not required for SNMP support.



Flexible Installation

Minimal Footprint for Mounted Solutions

The DuraVision DX0211-IP can be easily mounted to the back of any VESA-supported monitor* using the VOP-01 mounting plate. The box's slim, compact design allows it to fit perfectly behind a monitor that is mounted on the wall or ceiling, occupying minimal space in the installation area. Direct attachment to the monitor also helps to keep cabling controlled to the designated space, reducing overall clutter.

Some monitors require the VESAMP100 mounting plate in order to attach the VOP-01.

Minimal Footprint for Mounted Solutions

Clean Workspace for Desktop Solutions

The DuraVision DX0211-IP can be attached directly to many of EIZO's desktop monitors using the the PCSK-03 or PCSK-03R monitor stand bracket. This provides a cleaner workspace when using a desktop solution. The attachment does not interfere with the balance of the monitor so it stays firmly in place on your desk.
Clean Workspace for Desktop Solutions

Power Delivery without AC Adapter

The DuraVision DX0211-IP is equipped with a PoE+ hub so it stays powered without needing an AC adapter and cable, keeping the installation area clear. An optional AC adapter is available for environments where PoE+ is not supported.

Power Delivery without AC Adapter



Durability and Reliability

Fanless Solution with Low Heat Output

The DuraVision DX0211-IP provides noiseless, fanless operation while maintaining low heat output for long-term reliability. The top of the box is designed so that heat escapes efficiently, keeping it cool even during long periods of operation.


Heat escapes from the top, keeping the box cool.

Fanless Solution with Low Heat Output

24-Hour Use, 2-Year Warranty

The DuraVision DX0211-IP is built for 24-hour use and is backed by a 2-year manufacturer's warranty for long-term reliability.



IP Decoding Solution Range

EIZO's IP decoding solutions also include 23- and 46-inch monitors (generation 1), as well as a 27-inch monitor (generation 2).

Video Processor  
Simultaneous Display Channels 32 (maximum)
Registrable Cameras 48 (maximum)
Camera Protocol ONVIF Profile S, AXIS VAPIX, Panasonic, RTSP
Video Codec H.26510, H.264, MJPEG13
Streaming Protocol RTP (H.265, H.264, MJPEG, MPEG2-TS), SRT14 (H.265, H.264), SRTP15 (H.265, H.264), UDP (MPEG2-TS)
Video Input Performance (resolution / framerate) *Bitrate 4096 kbps 1-screen display: 3840 x 2160 / 30 fps, 1920 x 1080 / 60 fps
4-screen display: 3840 x 2160 / 20 fps, 1920 x 1080 / 60 fps
16-screen display: 1920 x 1080 / 20 fps
32-screen display: 1280 x 720 / 15 fps
Bitrate 8192 kbps (maximum)
Video Signals  
Input Terminals IP Camera: RJ-45
Output Terminals HDMI x 2
Output Resolution 3840 x 2160 (maximum) / 60 Hz
Wired LAN IEEE802.3ab (1000BASE-T), IEEE802.3u (100BASE-TX), IEEE802.3at Type2 (PoE+12)
Transmission Rate 1000 Mbps, 100 Mbps
Host USB 2.0: Type-A
Input Voltage PoE+ Input: 42.5 V - 57 V (48 V typ.)
AC Adapter (option): DC12 V
Maximum Power Consumption PoE+ Input: 25.5 W
AC Adapter (option): 21.5 W
Features & Functions  
Security HTTPS, IEEE802.1X15
Others Key Lock, USB Lock, Remote Controller Lock, Privacy Mask, Event Rules, LDAP15, SNMP
Physical Specifications  
Dimensions (W x H x D) 165 x 44.2 x 130 mm
Net Weight 770 g / 1.7 lbs
Environmental Requirements  
Operating Temperature 0 - 40°C
Operating Humidity (R.H., non condensing) 20 - 80%
Certifications & Standards (Please contact EIZO for the latest information.) CB, CE, UKCA, cTUVus, FCC-A, IC ICES-3 (A), VCCI-A, RCM, RoHS, WEEE
Supplied Accessories (May vary by country. Please contact EIZO for details.)  
Signal Cables HDMI (0.5 m)
Others Setup manual
Warranty 2 Years (24-hour use)
Dimension Drawing PDF
  1. 10  Please check IP camera compatibility.
  2. 12  DX0211-IP can only receive power from a switch that supports 2-Event Classification.
  3. 13  MJPEG is only available with the ONVIF Profile S protocol.
  4. 14  Enterprise license and extension license are required.
  5. 15  Enterprise license is required.


Security and Surveillance Monitor Solutions
8.57 MB



Genetec Partner Leaflet
717 KB



DuraVision IP Pocket Guide
1.52 MB





Document Language Size Download
DX0211-IP Setup manual (Software Ver.5.5xxx) English 3.33 MB Download
DX0211-IP Instruction Manual (Software Ver.5.51xx) English 5.53 MB Download
DX0211-IP Installation Manual (Software Ver.5.51xx) English 6.54 MB Download
EIZO Video Wall Plugin for Milestone XProtect User's manual English 962 KB Download
FDF2304W-IP / FDF4627W-IP / FDF2711W-IP / DX0211-IP Troubleshooting Guide Rev. C English 314 KB Download
EIZO IP Decoder Utility User's manual English 773 KB Download
DX0211-IP Setup manual (Software Ver.5.5xxx) French 3.17 MB Download
DX0211-IP Setup manual (Software Ver.5.5xxx) German 3.31 MB Download
DX0211-IP Instruction Manual (Software Ver.5.51xx) German 5.11 MB Download
DX0211-IP Installation Manual (Software Ver.5.51xx) German 7.01 MB Download
DX0211-IP Setup manual (Software Ver.5.5xxx) Russian 3.16 MB Download


Date Subject
June 21, 2022 IP Camera and DuraVision DX0211-IP, FDF2711W-IP Compatibility

Technical Information

March 1, 2022 EIZO IP Decoder Functional Comparison between Generations [PDF]

EIZO IP decoders are divided into the 1st generation (FDF2304W-IP, FDF4627W-IP) and the 2nd generation (FDF2711W-IP, DX0211-IP). This document describes the functional differences between the generations. Some functions of the 1st generation are not supported by the 2nd generation. Please check if the functions you are currently using are also available in the 2nd generation.

Mounting Bracket

Dedicated bracket for attaching a client to the back of the FlexScan Frameless models

Mounting Bracket

Dedicated bracket for attaching a client to the back of the FlexScan Frameless models

Mounting Bracket

VESA offset plate for attaching an IP decoding box directly to a monitor

Mounting Bracket

VESA mounting plate for attaching an IP decoding box to certain FlexScan monitors using VOP-01


An optional AC adapter for to be used in systems without PoE+ support.


ESX (Electronic Security Expo) 2019

ESX Innovation Awards 2019 Winner