Using ColorEdge throughout the design and printing workflow ensures the same color information is shared at each step of the process. Rest assured that images display consistently at each designer workstation for a reliable end result.

  • Website Design
  • Image Editing & Retouching
  • Print Material Layout
  • Commercial Printing
  • Illustration
  • CAD Creation
  • Softproofing
  • Textiles

Vivid Colors Reproduced to Industry Standards

The wide color gamut of ColorEdge monitors reproduces 99% of the Adobe RGB color space* so images are reproduced faithfully in a way that monitors limited to an sRGB color space cannot. It also reproduces almost the entire ISO-coated and US web-coated CMYK color spaces used in printing.

*Not applicable to CS2410.



Consistent Color Throughout the Workflow

ColorEdge is designed to maintain consistent color throughout the digital and print workflow. Whether its between different designer workstations in the office or when working with remote agencies and clients, using a ColorEdge for each step of the process ensures the same color information is shared across the pipeline.

Consistent Color Throughout the Workflow
Design and Printing Workflow

Using ColorEdge monitors throughout the design and print workflow significantly reduces the time and costs associated with reprints and digital corrections due to inaccuracies between the images displayed on the screen. Design agencies and printing companies can exercise effective color management practices by sharing a monitor profile. This ensures that comps and direct digital color proofs (DDCP) match the final print.


Case Studies

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