Color Calibrated Monitors

Wide Color Gamut & Easy Workflow


Vivid Colors Reproduced to Industry Standards

The wide color gamut of ColorEdge monitors reproduces almost 99% of the Adobe RGB color space. The wide color gamut also ensures reproduction of almost the entire ISO-coated and US web-coated CMYK color spaces used in printing.

Not applicable to the CS230.


color reproduction area

Consistent Image Between Workstations

Using ColorEdge throughout the design and printing workflow ensures the same color information is shared at each step of the process. Users can adjust their monitors to display the same colors using EIZO's proprietary ColorNavigator 6 color management software bundled with ColorEdge monitors to ensure a smooth and efficient workflow.

More about Color Navigator 6.

EX3 sensor
Consistent Image Between Workstations

Efficiency in the Workflow

Using ColorEdge monitors at each stage of the workflow significantly reduces the time and costs associated with making several prints and multiple corrections due to color inaccuracies. Design agencies can work smoothly between workstations because a properly calibrated monitor allows them to see the same color on their screens. In the printing workflow, design agencies and printing companies can exercise good color management practices by sharing a monitor profile. This ensures that comps and direct digital color proofs (DDCP) match the final print.


Used by Professional Creatives Worldwide

In 2015, EIZO established the ColorEdge Ambassador Program which showcases professional photographers, designers, filmmakers, and other creatives who are committed to inspiring and educating artists around the world. EIZO's Ambassadors – all of them ColorEdge users – are passionately dedicated to their craft and prepare the best equipment for realizing their creative vision.

To see our ColorEdge Ambassadors, click here.

Case Studies

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