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Bullivant Gallery and Consulting - The Cuba Adventure | EIZO


In October 2015, Bullivant Gallery and Consulting joined in hosting 15 photographers on a cultural and artistic photo journey through the fascinating country of Cuba.

We visited many sites. There is no place on Earth like this island and its people are some of the most gracious, talented, vibrant, and welcoming I’ve met.





Once back in the States, the Colors of Cuba journey took on a new life with several workshops and culminated with an exhibit of the photographs by the entire group. Each small group of students worked closely with one of our expert instructors utilizing EIZO’s ColorEdge CG and CX graphics monitors to assure that their files were optimized for printing.  While many people underestimate the value of a color accurate monitor, we certainly do not.  We’ve used EIZO monitors for more than ten years as an essential tool for color proofing and retouching in order to produce the high-end results that our clients expect.  Just as a great lens or digital camera body is an indispensible tool for creating superior images, a reliable and color accurate monitor like EIZO’s CG and CX line with internal calibration is the only way to create the accurate adjustments to our digital files that assures optimal results when they are printed.


The grand finale of the Colors of Cuba journey was our exhibit featuring the best images from everyone in our group: 43 images printed and framed, ranging in sizes. It was a truly unforgettable adventure in the exploration of art, culture, and compassion.


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