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EIZO ScreenSlicer

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Handy partitioning function for widescreen monitor and multi-monitor environments

EIZO ScreenSlicer is a desktop monitor software utility that allows an entire screen to be effectively used though partitioning. Multiple windows can be easily aligned and dropped into the partitioned areas in single- or multi-monitor environments for convenience.


1. Select or create your desired partition pattern

You may select from 7 pre-designed monitor partition patterns.


▲ Select partition pattern

Or, create your own desired partition pattern. Partition patterns can be easily created using your mouse. Up to six boarders (gridlines) can be added and utilized per monitor.


▲ Partition pattern editing screen

2. Set windows in position

Put your cursor on the title bar and move the window while pressing the SHIFT key. Windows may be positioned by moving the mouse cursor and automatically arranged when the cursor button is released over the desired partitioned area. If the application has position detection capabilities, it will automatically reappear in the same partition window the next time it is opened.


▲ Move window to desired partition

EIZO ScreenSlicer Operating Requirements

Compatible OS Windows Vista (32-bit, 64-bit) / XP (32-bit, 64-bit)
Compatible monitors EIZO FlexScan, ColorEdge, and FORIS LCD Monitors
Compatibility For use with one or more connected FlexScan LCD monitors
 (In a multi-monitor environment, third party monitors may be used in conjunction with FlexScan LCD monitors.)
  • Some software applications may not allow for normal partition placement (e.g. software whose window size may not be altered freely, software without title bars, etc.)

EIZO ScreenSlicer Usage Examples

As shown below, several applications may be conveniently displayed and utilized simultaneously.



EIZO ScreenSlicer is available for download free of charge.