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17" (43 cm) LCD Monitor
17" LED-backlit monitor saves energy and reduces eye fatigue
The FlexScan S1703 is ideal for corporate offices looking for a cost-efficient 17-inch square monitor (5:4 aspect ratio). It features an environmentally-friendly LED backlight and is backed by a 5-year warranty for a low total cost of ownership.
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Preset Modes for Optimum Viewing

With EIZO’s Fine Contrast function you can choose from several preset modes for the various applications you work with. Toggling between modes can be done manually in the OSD menu or automatically by assigning a mode to a particular application with the bundled ScreenManager Pro for LCD software.

preset modes
preset modes

Prevents Eye Fatigue in Dimly-Lit Offices

Fine Contrast includes an EyeCare mode that reduces the screen’s brightness to just 3 cd/m2. This ultra-low brightness helps prevent eye fatigue and increase productivity when working in an environment with very dim ambient lighting such as a CAD studio.

Closely Simulates Documents and Books

With office and home spending increasing amounts of time viewing documents and books on their monitors rather than in printed form, Paper mode simulates the look of paper. Paper mode makes reading documents and ebooks more comfortable and thereby reduces eyestrain.

paper mode


What is Paper Mode?

Simply put, it is a mode which adjusts the brightness, contrast ratio, and color temperature of a monitor to simulate those of printed paper. Over the course of a work day PC users must constantly adjust to the difference between how monitors and paper appear. This overworks the muscles of the eyes and is thought to be a source of eye fatigue and stress. Paper mode was developed to alleviate the eye fatigue and stress that PC users feel.


Color Temperature, Brightness and the Effect on Blue Light

In the visible light spectrum, blue light has wavelengths adjacent to ultraviolet light. Compared to the factory preset setting of 6,500 K of typical LCD monitors, Paper Mode is closer to the spectral distribution with long reddish wavelengths so it reduces the amount of blue light, a cause of eye fatigue.

blue light
The combination of Paper Mode and the Auto EcoView brightness adjustment function reduces blue light even more. In a monitor with an LED backlight where Paper Mode and Auto EcoView were used, the blue light was measured and found to have only 1/6th the intensity of the factory setting.

Optimized Brightness with Auto EcoView

The Auto EcoView function is a sensor on the front of the monitor that measures ambient light and optimizes the screen's brightness to a level akin to viewing a sheet of paper under typical office lighting conditions. Since the screen is never too bright, eye strain is reduced while power consumption is cut by up to 50% compared to operating the monitor with Auto EcoView turned off and set to the default factory brightness of 100%.
Auto EcoView sensor

Digital and Analog Inputs

With both DVI-D and D-Sub mini 15-pin inputs, you can use a computer that has either a digital or an analog graphics board (or both if connected to two computers), and quickly switch between the inputs via a front panel button.


10-Bit Gamma Correction

This technology helps achieve accurate color by converting the 8-bit PC data to 10-bit, and assigning the ideal gamma values with a 10-bit look-up table (LUT) then returning the data to 8-bit format for display.
10-bit gamma correction

Built-In Speakers

0.5-watt speakers are tucked away at the back of the monitor and out of view so you can enjoy sound while bezel size is kept to a minimum. A headphone jack is also built into the monitor.

Energy Savings across the Network

EIZO’s EcoView NET power management software provides centralized control over the power settings of monitors on a network. With EcoView NET, a systems administrator can confirm the settings for each monitor on the network, turn the power on or off, and if necessary, take measures to combat eye fatigue such as adjust the brightness or activate Auto EcoView. EcoView NET is available from EIZO distributors.


LED Backlight

With an energy-saving LED backlight, the FlexScan S1703 uses only 9 watts during typical operation. The LED backlight does not contain any mercury for minimal environmental impact when the monitor is eventually disposed of.

Commitment to Quality

While outsourcing production is now common practice in the monitor industry, EIZO continues to manufacture its products the same way it has throughout its 40 year history — with its own staff at its own factories. This allows EIZO to keep close control over production quality and offer the industry's only 5-year manufacturer's limited warranty. 5 year warranty

Compliance with International Labels

Meets the most stringent international labels for ergonomics and energy savings like TCO Certified Displays 6.0, EPA Energy Star, and EPEAT Gold.
TCOEnergy starElgonomicsepeat gold logo


Model Variations With Height Adjustable Stand, With Tilt Stand, Without Stand
Cabinet Color Gray, Black
Type TN
Backlight LED
Size 17" / 43 cm (432 mm diagonal)
Native Resolution 1280 x 1024 (5:4 aspect ratio)
Viewable Image Size (H x V) 337.92 x 270.336 mm
Pixel Pitch 0.264 x 0.264 mm
Display Colors 16.77 million from a palette of 1.06 billion
Viewing Angles (H / V, typical) 170°, 160°
Brightness (typical) 250 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio (typical) 1000:1
Response Time (typical) 5 ms (black-white-black)
Video Signals  
Input Terminals D-Sub mini 15 pin, DVI-D 24 pin (with HDCP)
Digital Scanning Frequency (H / V) 31 - 64 kHz, 59 - 61 Hz (VGA Text: 69 - 71 Hz)
Analog Scanning Frequency (H / V) 31 - 80 kHz, 50 - 75 Hz
Sync Formats Separate, Sync on green
Speakers 0.5 W + 0.5 W
Input Terminals 3.5 mm stereo jack
Output Terminals 3.5 mm headphone jack
Sound Adjustment Volume
Power Requirements AC 100 - 120 V / 200 - 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Maximum Power Consumption 25 W
Typical Power Consumption 9 W
Power Save Mode Less than 0.5 W
Power Management Power Save (VESA DPM and DVI DMPM), Eco Timer
Features & Functions  
Preset Modes FineContrast (Text, sRGB, EyeCare, Paper, Custom)
Auto EcoView Yes
OSD Languages English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Swedish
Others Screen Adjustment (Clock, Phase, Position, Range (Auto), Smoothing (5 stages), Color Adjustment (Brightness, Contrast, Temperature, Gain, Reset), Signal Switching, Power Indicator, Product Information (name, serial number, resolution, operating time, etc.), OSD Menu Position, Adjustment Lock, DDC/CI Lock, Reset
Physical Specifications  
Dimensions (Landscape, W x H x D) With Height Adjustable Stand: 367 x 391.5 - 491.5 x 205 mm
With Tilt Stand: 367 x 384 x 188 mm
Dimensions (Without Stand, W x H x D) 367 x 304 x 59 mm
Net Weight With Height Adjustable Stand: 5.5 kg / 12.1 lbs
With Tilt Stand: 4.4 kg / 9.7 lbs
Net Weight (Without Stand) 3.6 kg / 7.9 lbs
Height Adjustment Range With Height Adjustable Stand: 100 mm
With Tilt Stand: -
Tilt With Height Adjustable Stand: 30° Up, 0° Down
With Tilt Stand: 30° Up, 5° Down
Swivel With Height Adjustable Stand: 35° Right / 35° Left
With Tilt Stand: -
Pivot With Height Adjustable Stand: 90°
With Tilt Stand: -
Hole Spacing (VESA Standard) 100 x 100 mm
Environmental Requirements  
Operating Temperature 5 - 35 °C
Operating Humidity (R.H., non condensing) 20 - 80 %
Certifications & Standards (Please contact EIZO for the latest information.) TCO Displays 6.0, EPEAT Gold (US), TUV/Ergonomics, TUV/GS, RCM, CE, CB, cTUVus, FCC-B, Canadian ICES-003-B, TUV/S, VCCI-B, EPA Energy Star, RoHS, WEEE, China RoHS, CCC
Supplied Accessories (May vary by country. Please contact EIZO for details.) AC power cord, signal cables (D-Sub - D-Sub, DVI-D - DVI-D), audio cable, setup guide, CD-ROM (PDF user's manual, ScreenManager Pro for LCD [DDC/CI], EIZO ScreenSlicer software), 4 screws for mount option
Warranty Five Years
Dimension Drawing PDF
  1. 2  With current LCD technology, a panel may contain a limited number of missing or flickering pixels.
  2. 5  If the monitor is left on continuously over a long period of time, dark smudges or burn-in may appear. To maximize the life of the monitor, we recommend the monitor be turned off periodically.


FlexScan General 2015, 9
5.38 MB



FlexScan S1703
857 KB






Document Language Size Download
ScreenSlicer Ver.1.1.5 Software manual (English) English 1.88 MB Download
S1703 / S1903 /S1923 /S1933 Setup guide English
1.79 MB Download
ScreenManager Pro for LCD (DDC/CI) Ver.2.4.1 Software manual (English) English 1.16 MB Download
S1933 / S1903 / S1703 User's manual English 3.31 MB Download
S1703 Setup guide Arabic 505 KB Download
S1933 / S1923 / S1903 / S1703 / Setup guide (Arabic) Arabic 528 KB Download
S1933 / S1903 / S1703 User's manual Chinese-Simplified 3.37 MB Download
S1703 Setup guide Chinese-Traditional 529 KB Download
S1933 / S1923 / S1903 / S1703 / Setup guide (Chinese-Traditional) Chinese-Traditional 639 KB Download
S1703 Setup guide Czech 481 KB Download
S1903 / S1703 User's manual Czech 1.72 MB Download
S1933 / S1923 / S1903 / S1703 / Setup guide (Czech) Czech 509 KB Download
S1703 Setup guide Danish 478 KB Download
S1933 / S1923 / S1903 / S1703 / Setup guide (Danish) Danish 504 KB Download
S1703 Setup guide Dutch 479 KB Download
S1933 / S1923 / S1903 / S1703 / Setup guide (Dutch) Dutch 506 KB Download
S1703 Setup guide Finnish 478 KB Download
S1933 / S1923 / S1903 / S1703 / Setup guide (Finnish) Finnish 505 KB Download
S1933 / S1903 / S1703 User's manual French 3.52 MB Download
S1933 / S1903 / S1703 User's manual German 3.32 MB Download
S1703 Setup guide Greek 488 KB Download
S1933 / S1923 / S1903 / S1703 / Setup guide (Greek) Greek 515 KB Download
S1703 Setup guide Italian 478 KB Download
S1933 / S1923 / S1903 / S1703 / Setup guide (Italian) Italian 504 KB Download
S1703 Setup guide Korean 540 KB Download
S1933 / S1923 / S1903 / S1703 / Setup guide (Korean) Korean 595 KB Download
S1703 Setup guide Norwegian 479 KB Download
S1933 / S1923 / S1903 / S1703 / Setup guide (Norwegian) Norwegian 505 KB Download
S1703 Setup guide Polish 481 KB Download
S1933 / S1923 / S1903 / S1703 / Setup guide (Polish) Polish 508 KB Download
S1703 Setup guide Portuguese 480 KB Download
S1933 / S1923 / S1903 / S1703 / Setup guide (Portuguese) Portuguese 513 KB Download
S1703 Setup guide Russian 486 KB Download
S1933 / S1923 / S1903 / S1703 / Setup guide (Russian) Russian 511 KB Download
S1933 / S1903 / S1703 User's manual Russian 3.42 MB Download
S1703 Setup guide Spanish 478 KB Download
S1933 / S1923 / S1903 / S1703 / Setup guide (Spanish) Spanish 504 KB Download
S1703 Setup guide Swedish 478 KB Download
S1933 / S1923 / S1903 / S1703 / Setup guide (Swedish) Swedish 505 KB Download
S1703 Setup guide Turkish 480 KB Download
S1933 / S1923 / S1903 / S1703 / Setup guide (Turkish) Turkish 506 KB Download
Panel Protector

- Protect against dust and scratches
- Fit between screen and bezel


Supports two LCD monitors.
Height adjustable in six increments

Monitor Cleaning Kit

- Keep your screen free from dust and fingerprints
- Includes pump spray and cloth