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ScreenManager Pro (for LCD)

Simplify and automate your monitor settings with EIZO's ScreenManager Pro (for LCD) software.

Color Adjustment

Adjust Color with Your Mouse

Adjusting screen's color and other settings usually requires poking around with the buttons on the monitor's bezel. ScreenManager Pro simplifies the process by letting you adjust your monitor's color and other settings as well as switch preset modes using your mouse.
Color and sound easily adjustable

Auto Color

Ideal Screen Settings Every Time

Enjoy ideal screen settings with every application with "Auto Color" With this feature, you can assign any of the preset modes to a particular application. When you  activate that application then your screen instantly switches to its assigned mode.  

Auto Color

Paper Mode and EyeCare Filter

Filters to Reduce Eye Fatigue

The Paper mode preset simulates the look of printed paper and helps prevent eyestrain when reading documents. When used with EyeCare Filter, you can choose from several filter patters that resemble different types of paper or select your own image. You can adjust the transmittance and luminance  of the filter patterns for maximum viewing comfort.

smpro_04_01.jpg smpro_04_02.jpg

Multi-Monitor Match

Unify Color Display

Apply the color adjustment results (color temperature, gamma, and brightness) for one monitor to other monitors. This saves the trouble of adjusting every monitor individually and easily eliminates any difference in appearance between monitors.
Available with select FlexScan EV monitors.

Select the master monitor and display mode then adjust the color temperature and , gamma, and brightness to unify color display across all monitors.

EyeCare Reminder

Improve Work Efficiency, Avoid Eye Fatigue

When working in front of your monitor it's easy to lose track of time and stare at it for too long. The fatigue you feel in your eye muscles results in lower productivity. "EyeCare Reminder" prompts you to take breaks at scheduled intervals by sending you a message in a pop-up window.

Improve work efficiency

Circadian Dimming

Reduce Blue Light Exposure

The circadian rhythm is the regular daily sleep-wake cycle of the human body. Blue light emitting from monitors is said to be one of the stimuli impacting this rhythm and have ill effects on sleep.

Use the circadian dimming function to automatically reduce the blue light (color temperature) emitted at specified times such as the hours before you go to sleep.

circadian dimming

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