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DuraVision- Security Solutions

EIZO DuraVision Security Solution makes live viewing surveillance simple.


Achieve better results, reduce the number of failure points, lower the setup complexity while saving money.

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Simplifies & Streamlines the Installation Process

EIZO IP decoders are extremely easy to set up and can be up and running within minutes. This results in significant labor savings. Approximate installation time is 30 minutes or less. Savings of 2-3 hours equivalent to $130-$195 per instance (Based on the average labor cost of $65/hr)

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Reduces upfront & maintenance costs

Today, systems for live viewing require multiple hardware and software components, which makes setups complicated, hard to install & maintain as well as having multiple points of failure. EIZO solution makes it easy to install, maintain and greatly reduces the power consumption. The charts below compare the conventional PC based vs EIZO solution.

Power Consumption

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Comparison Chart_IPMonitor27vsPC1.5.jpg

Hardware Cost


Additional Hardware and Maintenance

EIZO DuraVision IP Decoders are designed and tested with 24x7 operation in mind and require minimum maintenance. No additional software or licenses are required to utilize the full potential of the decoders.

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Offers new functionality as part of a fully integrated solution

Select your EIZO solutions depending your unique setup for you facility Security and Surveillance, highly configurable. always reliable. A solution for every market, from banking to public transportation and hospitals. Get the most innovative solution that works with leading manufacturers of security cameras and VMS.

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EIZO IP Decoding Soulitions


Product Details


FDF2304W-IP 23" IP Decoding Monitor ESX Innovation Awards 2018 Winner
FDF2711W-IP New 27" IP Decoding Monitor Monitor ESX Innovation Awards 2020 Winner and ISC West Award Winner 2020
FDF4627W-IP 46" IP Decoding Monitorr Protector (Germany) June 21, 2017 Bronze Protector Award
DX0211-IP IP Decoding Monitor Box ESX Innovation Awards 2019 Winner