EIZO's Solutions for Media and Entertainment

EIZO's Solutions for the Media and Entertainment

Welcome to our post production showcase! Here we have information on our newest professional products and technology

EIZO presents this showcase of our latest innovations and an opportunity to schedule a personalized online demonstration or presentation with an EIZO representative. Discover our award-winning products like the PROMINENCE CG3146 and how EIZO's mission to bring the most innovative technology to the market so users can focus on what is most important - creating.

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Learn more about Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Award for our ColorEdge CG Series hardware technology

Learn more about Academy Award Winning Calibration Sensor Technology

EIZO 2021 Product Highlights



True HDR Grade 1 Reference Monitor with SDI and built-in calibration

Origin Point Case Study

Learn more about Origin Point

In this video, Origin Point takes on the importance of color...and how EIZO'S PROMINENCE became their hero monitor.

Key Specs:

• 1000 nits full screen brightness

• 1,000,000 : 1 contrast ratio

• 12G/6G/3G SDI in/out, HDMI, DisplayPort

• Built-in sensor for automated calibration

• Industry-standard HDR and SDR presets

Learn more about HPA 2020 Award for the ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3146


Learn more about ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3146

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Industry First Self-Calibrating Grade 1 HDR Reference Monitor

Further expanding on EIZO's flagship HDR reference monitor, the ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3146 is the first true HDR reference monitor in the world to incorporate a built-in calibration sensor for ensuring the ultimate color-accurate HDR viewing environment.

This eliminates the need for a third-party calibration device and streamlines color management so you can stay more focused on the creative process. Calibration information is saved directly to the monitor, so you do not need to recalibrate if connecting to more than one PC.


Now with SDI

The ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3146 comes equipped with a Single-Link 12G/6G/3G/HD-SDI and Dual- or Quad-Link 3G*/HD-SDI connections for seamless transmission of 4K video data. The SDI connections support 2SI (2 sample interleave) to ensure the picture stays maintained during transmission. VPID (Video Payload ID) is also supported for SDI connections. Furthermore, the monitor has an HDMI and DisplayPort input located conveniently on the side of the monitor for flexible connection to a range of other video devices. Four USB downstream ports and one upstream port are also equipped.

The monitor's HDMI and DisplayPort inputs support DCI 4K at 60p. HDMI input supports 12-bit 4:2:2 at 50/60p and DisplayPort input supports up to 10-bit 4:4:4 at 50/60p.


Learn more about ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3146: product page, product brochure

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Testimonials and Case Studies

Creative Mastermind Oscar Winner - Testimonial


Eric Barba

Field: VFX Supervisor
About: Eric Barba is a visual effects supervisor for television, film, and commercial advertising. Eric Barba is known for his work on The Curious Case of Benjamin and has won an Academy Award for "Best Achievement in Visual Effects"

 “Color is incredibly important to the visual effect process. ColorEdge monitors allow us to confidently achieve a color match across dozens of CG elements to ensure the end product is in line with the Director’s intention. I’ve been using EIZO professionally for years and have become a huge fan of EIZO.”

Creative Masterminds WileyFX Studios - Testimonial


Jake Maymudes

Field: VFX Supervisor
About: Jacob Maymudes is an American director and visual effects supervisor. He has directed music videos for Jewel numerous music videos, commercials and feature films. His most recent project was working on Terminator: Dark Fate as Visual Effects Supervisor for Rebellion Visual Effects.

 “Eizo monitors kept us in pixel perfect shape throughout our color pipeline on Terminator Dark Fate. The best part of the EIZO hardware is that is self-calibrates and as a supervisor that’s critical because you want to know what you are looking at is perfect is color accurate and is sharp and consistent.”

Go behind the scenes to see how Terminator DarkFate was brought to life with EIZO ColorEdge

Learn more about ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3146

ColorNavigator Network

ColorNavigator Network update – enhancing our fleet monitor management solution that enables remote teams to work more efficiently and accurately

Manage Artist Monitors Remotely and Automatically

Unify Color, Centralize QC Management

In this video, EIZO highlights ColorNavigator Network.

Learn more about ColorNavigator Network

  • Cloud based solution with support for both business and home offices.
  • Calibrate, maintain and track ColorEdge monitors remotely.
  • Manage color modes and Self-Calibration schedules.
  • New platform optimized with HTML5 and a streamlined UI.

ColorNavigator Network provides centralized quality control (QC) of ColorEdge monitors with ColorNavigator NX installed. This QC solution is ideal for post production studios, printing houses, and other enterprises looking to centralize the quality control of their monitors and reduce maintenance costs. With ColorNavigator Network, an administrator can set the color modes, schedule self-calibration, activate key lock to prevent unintended changes to color settings (CG series), register or adjust asset management settings, and import/export monitor settings.

Unify the color profile on all ColorEdge monitors within your organization, even those that are located in other cities or countries.

ColorNavigator Network is hosted on a secure cloud server and offered to any ColorEdge facility at no additional cost.

Learn more about ColorNavigator Network

Testimonial from Laika


"We started using ColorNavigator and ColorNavigator Network in the summer of 2019 to help manage the growing number of EIZO monitors on and off stage. Up until then, we had been managing these monitors manually. This meant every time we deployed a monitor it had to be checked that it had the correct configuration, it had been calibrated, and that it had not gone beyond recommended screen usage. That monitor would stay in its unit until it was no longer needed or until the unit was torn down, in some cases for months. With over a hundred active and test units in our 260 thousand square foot facility, it was a lot of legwork to make sure the monitors were maintaining their color accuracy over the course of a production. The introduction of the ColorNavigator suite of tools centralized that management and made it simple and fast to know when a monitor was last calibrated, what configuration it was using, what its usage was at that moment and if it should be retired or not. It has also made it much simpler to make changes to self-calibration schedules, access management, power management, or to the color space itself since these changes could be uploaded centrally. These free tools have already saved us hundreds of hours of labor while also giving us piece of mind on the accuracy of our color space over the course of our future films."

Jason Buehrer
LAIKA Stage Technician

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ColorEdge CS and CG Color-Critical Displays

EIZO ColorEdge monitors are the industry's highest quality professional monitors for users with the highest standards. Covering 98% of the DCI-P3 gamut, they give more color, more accuracy, and more consistency, to every creation.

True to Creativity

EIZO ColorEdge monitors were the industry's first to include built-in calibration nearly 9 years ago. Today, EIZO remains the leader in self-calibration for accuracy, reliability, and variance of the sensor and software. Built-in calibration allows for scheduled Self-Calibration during off hours, ensuring every artist is working on an accurate display without interruption. In addition, the internal sensor may be correlated to an external measurement device to match individual facility standards.

ColorEdge CG Series

CG279Xtemplate website image copy1.jpg

All of the features needed for professional video creation. The CG Series monitor is ideal for post-production editing and video creation with precise color management and hardware calibration. Additionally, the CG Series includes a range of features to meet the needs of the media and entertainment industry such as Digital Uniformity Equalizer for a uniform image, built-in calibration sensors for hassle-free color management, and a 16-bit 3D LUT.

In addition, the CG279X and CG319X feature the latest in technology, which allows you to continue using the monitor even during recalibration.

ColorEdge CG Series Product Page

ColorEdge CS Series

CS2740template website image1.jpg

The CS Series is designed to help take the appreciation of color and detail to new levels, with 99% Adobe RGB gamut, Digital Uniformity Equalizer, smooth color gradation, and a 16-bit LUT. The CS Series is perfect to take anyoner's skills to the next level while meeting the varying needs and budgets essential to create, edit, and enjoy the world of digital photography, illustration, and more.

Common ColorEdge features include vivid colors reproduced to industry standards, adjusted at the factory for smooth graduations,10-bit simultaneous display, uniformity across the screen, wide viewing angles with IPS panels, and Industry leading 5-Year manufacturer's warranty.

ColorEdge CS Series Product Page

NEW CS Models

EIZO's successor to the CS2730 and EIZO's first CS 4K


  • 27" Hardware Calibration LCD Monitor
  • 2560x1440
  • Single Cable Connection with USB Type-C with 60W Power Delivery
  • Uniformity Across the Screen
  • Works with ColorNavigator

Learn more about ColorEdge CS2731


  • 27" Hardware Calibration LCD Monitor
  • UHD (3840x2160)
  • Single Cable Connection with USB Type-C
  • Uniformity Across the Screen
  • High Pixel Density for Smooth Display
  • Works with ColorNavigator

Learn more about ColorEdge CS2740


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One Minute Worlds

A five episode sci-fi anthology and passion project.

Check out Blackmilk's "One Minute Worlds" headed by well-known commercial cinematographer Macgregor and how EIZO keep his remote team on track with their passion project.


Learn more about One Minute Worlds passion project

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