Designed for Marine Vessels. These panel-mount monitors have a durable build for use in the engine rooms of marine vessles.


Long distance and wireless transmission

These network monitors easily connect to remote PCs via a single LAN cable or wireless LAN. Signals are packetized to ensure stable display with no noise or image quality deterioration. The wireless solution offers flexibility for environments where space is limited or the monitor is frequently moved. Up to six network monitors can be supported by a single PC and mouse, keyboard, and touch panel operations can be performed at each monitor.



At EIZO, we develop, manufacture, and test our monitors at our own facilities and factories. These models are built for 24-hour use and are backed by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty for maximum reliability.


touch screen variation

To meet the requirements of different environments, both standard (mouse and keyboard input) and touch panel models are available. The touch panel model (DuraVision FDU2602WT) accepts touch input from a bare hand or special stylus and supports multi-touch operation. It is also highly resistant to dust and water droplets to minimize unintended input for a reliable touch experience.