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Quich Color Match
Easy Screen-to-Print Color Matching Tool
Quick, hassle-free color matching with EIZO-recommended settings.
Quick Color Match greatly simplifies the color matching process by automatically adjusting to EIZO's recommended monitor, retouching software, and printer settings. Simply drag and drop your photo and begin retouching and printing with no hassle.
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Collaboration with Adobe, Canon, and Epson

Quick Color Match was developed under a first-ever collaboration between EIZO and Adobe, Canon, and Epson. By combining the know-how and expertise of these leaders in the creative industry, EIZO has developed an ideal software solution that greatly simplifies the color matching and printing workflow for photo enthusiasts and professional photographers alike.


For English, turn on closed captions on YouTube.


Simplify the Color Matching Process

Even with all the right equipment, color matching can be a tedious process - from monitor adjustment to determining the best retouch software and printer settings - achieving an accurate print takes a great deal of time. Quick Color Match greatly simplifies the process by automatically adjusting to the ideal monitor, retouching software, and printer settings so you can focus on editing your photos and print your work quickly and hassle-free. Simply drag and drop your photo in the Quick Color Match window to automatically start the process.


Monitor Adjustment

Quick Color Match automatically adjusts your ColorEdge monitor's gain, brightness, gamma, and color space (Adobe RGB) and creates a profile for these settings that is optimized for your selected printer paper type. You can also adjust the brightness and white point manually.


Retouch Software Settings

Dragging and dropping your photo to the Quick Color Match window automatically opens Adobe Photoshop and adjusts to EIZO's recommended color settings based on the printer and paper being used.

Drag and drop

Printer Settings

With either Canon Print Studio Pro or Epson Print Layout print plugin installed, Quick Color Match will automatically select the print profile and color and soft proofing options recommended by EIZO. Simply choose the paper size, type, and quality and you can quickly print your photo without worrying about navigating through several windows of technical settings and options.

Print settings

Benefits of Quick Color Match

Match Prints Quickly and Easily

Simply choose your installed printer and paper, and you can get right to printing your color-matched photos!

Trust the Colors Displayed on Your Screen

Users with Photoshop CC or CS6 installed can start working in their software right away with Quick Color Match's easy drag-and-drop function. The colors on screen are reliable so you can retouch and print with confidence!

Reference Materials

Quick Color Match Easy Screen-to-Print Color Matching Guide

bnr-qcm-guide.jpgThis guide explains in more detail how you can retouch and print photos with accurate color using Quick Color Match.




Quick Color Match and ColorNavigator 6 - Building Your Color Editing Workflow

EIZO has developed two unique software solutions for managing and matching color in the creative workflow - Quick Color Match and ColorNavigator 6. This page provides a simple breakdown of the function of both solutions so you can build the creative workflow that suits your needs.

Quick Color Match ColorNavigator 6




ColorEdge Monitor CS2420, CS2730, CS270, CS230, CX271, CX241, CG277, CG247, CG2730, CG2420
Printer Canon


Epson SC-P400, SC-P600, SC-P800, Stylus Photo R2000, Stylus Photo R3000
Print Plugin Canon Print Studio Pro ver. 2.1.0
Epson Epson Print Layout ver. 1.3.1
Retouch Software

Adobe Photoshop CC / CS6 (recommended)

Retouching software compatible with Canon Print Studio Pro
(Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Canon Digital Professional)*

Retouching software compatible with Epson Print Layout
(Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Nikon ViewNX-i)*

*Startup and color settings for these software must be done manually. The color is matched using the print plugin software instead of the retouch software window.

Compatible OS Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7
Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9) or later
Paper* Canon Photo Paper Platinum, Photo Paper Plus Glossy, Photo Paper Pro Luster, Photo Paper Pro Premium Matte, Photo Paper Plus Semi-Gloss, Matte Photo Paper
  Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper, Ultra Smooth Fine Art Paper, Premium Glossy, Premium Semigloss, Premium Luster, Archival Matte, Matte

*Papers supported by Quick Color Match vary depending on the printer model. For a complete list of supported papers by printer, visit: www.eizoglobal.com/i/qcm-paper/


Quick Color Match is available as a free download here.

Quick Color Match Software


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