Color Management Resources

Choosing the Right Monitors for a Color Management System

Benefits of Adopting ColorEdge Monitors

1. Accurate display of colors in images

In the creative process, more accurate color display means greater peace of mind. And the resulting images will show higher color quality.

2. Color matching between monitor and prints

ColorEdge reproduces printed images accurately on the monitor screen—say goodbye to the stress of color mismatches with printed materials. In addition, this technology increases operational efficiency by reducing the burden of proofing operations through monitor proofing.

3. All personnel can use the same color environment

When operations are conducted by multiple staff members, ColorEdge can improve operational efficiency further by resolving issues of variations in quality between the devices of individual staff members.

4. Identical color environments anytime, anywhere

ColorEdge makes it possible to check identical colors on-screen in remote locations, such as between different departments and sites. In addition, since color proofs can be transmitted as data, colors may be easily shared between facilities.

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