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Certifications for the Graphics Market

TÜV Rheinland’s Color Accuracy

In October, 2015 EIZO was the first company to obtain TÜV Rheinland’s new quality and performance certification established for the graphics market called Color Accuracy. Four ColorEdge color management monitors have been certified:

CG318-4K_TUV.jpg CG248-4K_TUV.jpg CG277_TUV.jpg CG247_TUV.jpg

Color Accuracy is the criterion to measure the quality of the color reproduction of a monitor for use in printing, professional photography, design, and post production.

There are four main requirements:

1. Accurate color display of sRGB and Adobe RGB preset modes

Benefits of ColorEdge

  • High-precision calibration using ColorNavigator color management software.
  • Minimal Delta-E deviation between display of sRGB and Adobe preset modes and sRGB and Adobe ICC profiles.

2. Color stability shortly after the monitor is powered on

If the monitor meets the requirements for stable color shortly after being powered on, then it is also designated with the grade “Quick Stability.”

Benefits of ColorEdge

  • The ColorEdge CG318-4K and CG248-4K take just 3 minutes for the brightness, color, and grayscale characteristics to stabilize. The CG277 and CG247 require 7 minutes.*

*Results are according to EIZO’s internal measurement conditions.

3. Color stability is maintained while the monitor is in use and the screen exhibits brightness and color uniformity

Benefits of ColorEdge

  • Equipped with EIZO’s patented Digital Uniformity Equalizer technology to counterbalance fluctuations in brightness and chroma across the screen.

4. Little change in the clarity of the screen when viewed from an angle

Benefits of ColorEdge

  • Equipped with an IPS panel that minimizes color shift when viewed from an angle.

By installing a monitor that is certified for Color Accuracy and Quick Stability for creative work, users can minimize inconsistencies with color in their workflow and trust that the color they are working with is precise.