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Warranty Term
5 years or 30,000 hours with bright pixel warranty
(Incl. LCD panel module)
EV series EV3895, EV2795, EV2495, EV2760, EV2460, EV2336W, EV2436W, EV2450, EV2455, EV2456, EV2736W, EV2750, EV2785, EV2730Q, EV3237, EV3285
5 years or 30,000 hours
(Incl. LCD panel module)
EV series EV2216W, EV2316W, EV2416W
S series S1503, S1703, S1903, S1923, S1933, S2133
5 years or 30,000 hours
(3 years for LCD Panel module)
15 inch S1501
17 inch M1700, M1750, P1700
L550, L551, L557, L567, L568, L578
S1701, S1701-X
S1721, S1721-X
18.1 inch L695
19 inch L767, L768, L778, L788, L795, L797
M1900, M1950, D1900
S1901, S1902
S1910, S1910AS, S1910-MC, S1911
S1921, S1921-X
S1931, S1932
20 inch L885, L887, S2000
21.3 inch L985, L997
S2100, S2100-M
20 inch Wide S2001W, S2031W, EV2023W
21.5 inch Wide S2110W, S2111W
22 inch Wide S2201W, S2202W
S2231W, S2232W, S2233W
S2242W, S2243W
23 inch Wide EV2303W, EV2313W, EV2315W
EV2333W, EV2335W
24 inch Wide S2400W, S2401W, S2402W,
S2410W, S2411W, S2411-U, S2411W-M, EV2411W
S2431W, S2432W, S2433W, S2433W-X
HD2441W, HD2442W
SX2461W, SX2462W
27 inch Wide SX2761W, SX2762W
30 inch Wide SX3031W, MX300W
3 years
(Incl. LCD panel module)
17 inch Touch T1751, T1781
23 inch Wide Touch T2351W, T2381W
  All FlexScan Touch Screen, FlexScan LCD monitors not listed above

General Provisions

Notwithstanding any other provision of this Warranty, EIZO and distributors authorized by EIZO shall have no obligation under this Warranty whatsoever in any of the cases as set forth below:

  • Any defect of the Product caused by freight damage, modification, alteration, abuse, misuse, accident, incorrect installation, disaster, faulty maintenance and/or improper repair by third party other than EIZO and Distributors;
  • Any incompatibility of the Product due to possible technical innovations and/or regulations;
  • Any deterioration of display performance caused by the deterioration of expendable parts such as the LCD panel and/or backlight, etc. (e.g. changes in brightness, changes in brightness uniformity, changes in color, changes in color uniformity, defects in pixels including burnt pixels, etc.);
  • Any defect of the Product caused by external equipment;
  • Any defect of the Product on which the original serial number has been altered or removed;
  • Any normal deterioration of the product, particularly that of consumables, accessories, and/or attachments (e.g.buttons, rotating parts, cables, User's Manual, etc.); and
  • Any deformation, discoloration, and/or warp of the exterior of the product including that of the surface of the LCD panel.

*This information is intended to provide only an outline of the terms and conditions of the EIZO Warranty. For exact terms and conditions, please refer to the User's manual, LIMITED WARRANTY section or contact EIZO Technical Support team.

Bright Pixel Warranty

EIZO's policy covers visible, bright (fully-lit) sub-pixels as detailed in the following table.

Allowable number of bright sub-pixel Zero
Applicable monitors The above-mentioned models purchased on or after September 1, 2015
Warranty period Six months after purchase
Definition of bright sub-pixel
  1. A red, blue, or green pixel that is always lit on a black background of the screen
  2. None of the following:
  • Partially lit sub-pixel
  • Foreign substance
  • Dark sub-pixel that is always dark or colored on a white background
Inspection criteria
  1. Ambient illuminance is more than 500 lux (typical office environment)
  2. Viewing distance is more than 14 inch (35 cm)

How to Obtain Warranty Service

Should you experience any problems with an EIZO product, click here to review our Self-help Services section. Oftentimes, issues can be resolved with a few simple steps.

If you still experience problems, promptly contact EIZO Technical Support for further assistance. Our tech support representative will be happy to troubleshoot with you and find answers and information on how to resolve the problem, or to determine the best course of action for your warranty/repair claim.

All repair service must be pre-authorized by our EIZO Technical Support Team.

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