Dental Monitor Solutions

Appropriate Grayscale Tones to Accurately
Reproduce Dental X-ray Images

Dental X-ray images are used for a detailed view of teeth, bone, nerves, and soft tissue. When displayed on a standard monitor for general office use, the image can sometimes not be seen correctly due to differences in the grayscale tone characteristics between individual monitors. We recommend the RadiForce MX-Series monitors, which conform to DICOM part 14 specifications, for dental clinics to ensure that images are reproduced accurately and smoothly.

High Definition for Smooth Color Reproduction

The RadiForce MX-Series monitors use a high-contrast panel that reproduces an intense and realistic "black". They reproduce minute details such as texture or spacial dimensionality of monochrome images. In color images, they reproduce a vivid contrast between black and other colors such as red, yellow or blue. With the rich color reproducibility, the monitors accurately render details such as gum color in oral cavity images.

Schema Input

Schema Input

Explain a patient's condition or treatment plan by showing them X-ray images and oral photographs during a consultation.

The RadiForce MS236WT and MS235WT are touch panel monitors, which allows the dentist to write on images with a touch pen for offering better explanation to patients.