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HungaroControl - Procurement of Primary Control and Auxiliary Monitors for ANS Center | EIZO

HungaroControl is a 100% state-owned enterprise providing air navigation services in Hungary's airspace and offering basic and advanced training for air traffic control personnel. Since April 2014, the company has been responsible for providing air navigation services in the upper airspace over Kosovo as well. Its world class technology makes HungaroControl into one of the most efficient and most reliable air navigation service providers of Central Europe - and the work of its highly trained professionals has earned worldwide recognition.


Renovation of Old (ANS I) and Opening of New (ANS III) ATC Room

HungaroControl’s new, state-of-the-art air navigation centre (ANS III) was inaugurated in February 2013. The new centre further advanced the air transport infrastructure of both Hungary and Central Europe as a whole, contributing to the continued competitiveness and long-term independence of the Hungarian air navigation services. In the new control centre, HungaroControl’s specialists are managing Hungary’s upper airspace and Budapest approach. From April 2014, Kosovo’s upper airspace is also managed from here. The former air traffic control centre (ANS I) has recently been renovated and from 2016 operating as a contingency centre and also hosts HungaroControl’s CRDS (Centre of Research Development and Simulation) knowledge centre and Entry Point Central, the joint ATCO training academy of HungaroControl and Entry Point North as well.



Partnership with EIZO

Being an air navigation service provider, HungaroControl has always partnered with manufacturers that can deliver the highest quality air traffic control equipment and fulfill their specific needs. Since the 2009, EIZO has had a strong focus on the air traffic industry. Currently, EIZO can meet the need of any ATC environment by offering a wide range of visual display solutions such as primary control monitors, encoding & streaming solutions, tower monitors, auxiliary monitors, and primary control graphic boards. The partnership between HungaroControl and EIZO dates back to 2012 when HungaroControl first purchased EIZO‘s high-end 2K x 2K resolution primary control and 2 megapixel resolution auxiliary monitors for its ANS III centre. A similar monitor procurement took place in 2015 when HungaroControl reopened its ANS I contingency centre. Currently, HungaroControl operates a total of 134 units of 28" screen size (2048 x 2048 resolution) primary control and 525 units of 21” screen size (1600 x 1200 resolution) auxiliary monitors.

Choice of 2K x 2K Primary Control and 2 Megapixel Auxiliary Monitors

HungaroControl uses one of the world’s most advanced air navigation software. Developed jointly with Thales Air Systems, MATIAS (Magyar Automated and Integrated Air Traffic System) currently has Build 10 in operation. Its key characteristics are Mode S technology, conflict search, call sign based identification, interoperability, datalink communications and personal human-ma-chine interface. Another unique aspect of the MATIAS application is that it best supports 1600 x 1200 pixel resolution in 21” screen size and 4:3 aspect ratio for backup radar and auxiliary data. EIZO has long been supporting this monitor format with its FlexScan 21”

product line and is currently one of the few manufacturers in the world that still offers this special display. After some tests and evaluations EIZO’s S2133 (formerly S2100) square monitors proved to be the most suitable auxiliary display solution for HungaroControl.


When choosing primary control monitors, HungaroControl’s key requirement was superior image quality with the lowest reflection characteristics. After a comprehensive testing procedure of a wide range of primary control monitors from different manufacturers EIZO’s Raptor 28” monitor series was chosen because the product fulfilled all requirements and ATCOs ranked the products as being the best in optical performance as well.




“We were looking for a sole manufacturer that can fulfill all our visual display needs regarding different types of ATC monitor solutions. EIZO’s customer focus, superior products, and additional services allowed them to overcome the competition.”


- Pal Sari, HungaroControl, Hungarian Air Navigation Service, Technical Development Department