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FAA - Customized Touch Panel Monitors for the ERIDS Program | EIZO

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is the national authority for aviation in the United States and is primarily responsible for the advancement, safety, and regulation of civil aviation, as well as overseeing the development of air traffic control rules. In 2014, the FAA was looking to install a number of touch panel monitors for their En Route Information Display Systems (ERIDS) – an interactive electronic information display system that provides real-time access to various sources of air traffic control (ATC) information such as aeronautical data, weather data, airspace charts, and ATC procedural information to controllers and air traffic management (ATM) personnel. Before ERIDS, air traffic controllers used books, maps, and other paper sources to manage important flight information.


The first generation of ERIDS included 15-inch touch screens from a vendor which were eventually replaced with EIZO’s longer-lasting 17-inch monitors with integrated touch capability. For their most recent deployment, the FAA selected EIZO’s 23-inch FlexScan T2381W for over 1,200 workstations. The quality and longevity of the monitors and other equipment is essential for mission-critical ATC. The monitors are backed by EIZO’s 3-year warranty that covers all components for long service life.


The FlexScan T2381W’s IPS panel with wide-viewing angles offers controllers a clear view of the screen from any angle. The option to use the monitors in either portrait or landscape mode provides flexible use with ERIDS. EIZO helped the FAA to meet their software needs by modifying the touch drivers to work for their specialized systems. EIZO further customized the monitors to suit the low ambient light environment in which the monitors are used by adjusting minimum brightness and other OSD settings. This increases the visibility of the screen and lowers eye fatigue for the controllers. The strong commitment to quality and ability to customize the products ensured that EIZO could provide the FAA with solutions optimized for their specific requirements. FAA_img02 FAA_img02