How to Color Match Your ColorEdge Monitor and Photo Prints

Windows x Canon x Lightroom 5

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How to set your printer

OS Printer Image Software
Windows 7 64bit Canon PIXMA PRO-10 Adobe Lightroom 5

1. Open the Print Module.

Select Print from the menu in the upper right.


2. Color Management Settings

2-1. In the Print Job panel go to Color Management and then click on Profilecm_setting_1.jpg

2-2. Select the printer profile from the pull down menu. (ex. Canon PRO-10 <GL><PP> 1/2 Photo Paper Plus GlossyGold)       


* Clicking Profile displays a list of installed profiles.
If a list is not displayed, select Other from the pull down menu and check the box next to the profile.

profile list


2-3 Select Relative as your rendering intent.

relative rendering intent

3. Printer Settings

3-1. Click the Printer button in the print module.



3-2. In the print settings dialog box, select Canon PRO-10 series from the list of printers and click the Properties button.

printer settings


3-3. In the Properties screen go to the Quick Setup tab and under Media Type select the paper you will use (ex. Photo Paper Plus Glossy II).
print settings


3-4 Select the Main tab. Under Color/Intensity select Manual and click the Set button.

print settings


3-5.  On the Manual Color Adjustment screen, select the Matching tab. For Color Correction, select None. Click OK.
print settng


3-6. Click OK once more to return to the print screen
print settings


3-7. When you return to the Print dialog box, click OK to begin printing.

prnt settings


Once you have successfully printed, return to Monitor Adjustment.  Select your desired adjustment software. [Monitor Adjustment]

Using ColorNavigator Color Management Software Using ColorNavigator Elements Photo Color Matching Software

Color Matching Process

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