How to Color Match Your ColorEdge Monitor and Photo Prints

Windows x Canon x Photoshop CS6

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How to set your printer

OS Printer Image Software
Windows 7 Canon PIXMA Pro Series Adobe Photoshop CS6


1. In Adobe Photoshop, go to File > Print.

go to File > Print

2. Select the Color Management tab in the print settings window and for Color Handling, select Photoshop Manages Colors. Under Printer Profile, select the paper profile you will be using and for Rendering Intent, select Relative Colorimetric. Check the box for Black Point Compensation. Choose the printer name and click Print Settings.

the print window

・Rendering Intent
Under Rendering Intent, you can choose between Perceptual and Relative Colorimetric. Perceptual compresses the entire color gamut to match the color gamut that can be reproduced by your printer. Using this option, it is possible that many colors could deviate from the printable color gamut due to the connecting color gradations. However, Relative Colorimetric is a setting that allows the colors that cannot be reproduced by your printer to be converted into those that closely resemble them without compressing the color gamut. This method prioritizes the color reproducibility in the printable color gamut.

・Black Point Compensation
This is a setting to correct the absolute values of the difference in black point compensation when converting RGB to CMYK values. By checking this option, the low tone gradations are uniformly preserved, giving you a natural final product.

3. Select the Main tab in the printer properties window. Set the paper you will use under Media Type (ex. Photo Paper Plus Glossy II). Under Color/Intensity select Manual and click the Set button.

printer properties

4. On the Manual Color Adjustment screen, select the Matching tab. We will print using the Photoshop Manages Colors option you selected in Step 2, so for Color Correction, select None. Click OK.

Manual Color Adjustment

5. Click OK once more to return to the print screen.

printer properties

6. When you return to the print screen, click Print.

print screen

Once you have successfully printed, return to Monitor Adjustment.  Select your desired adjustment software. [Monitor Adjustment]

Using ColorNavigator Color Management Software Using ColorNavigator Elements Photo Color Matching Software

Color Matching Process

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