Case Studies

Walibi Holland | EIZO

Could you tell us a little bit about your company and the department(s) where EIZO products are being deployed?

Walibi Holland is an amusement park in Biddinghuizen. The park opened in 1971 under the name Flevohof. Today it is one of the larger amusement parks in the Netherlands, and is part of parent company Compagnie des Alpes. It welcomed 900,000 visitors in 2015. Walibi offers its visitors a total of 35 attractions in a beautiful setting.


Why did you choose EIZO?

We were first put in touch with EIZO by our solution provider and camera supplier Panasonic.

We use cameras for almost all our attractions to ensure good surveillance and to allow our employees to quickly take action if necessary. The video images of the attractions are usually displayed on-site via a VMS system. For this, standard computer monitors are used which, in their turn, are connected to a PC.  Displaying video images on a monitor thus requires a fair number of components.

The EIZO IP Decoder Monitor enables us to display IP video images directly on this monitor in a very quick and effective manner, without the use of a PC. Moreover, installation is much faster and easier and the images displayed are far sharper and more natural than on the monitors used previously.

What specific requirements did monitors have to meet?

The monitors we use for camera surveillance must operate 24/7. User-friendliness is the priority. Furthermore, the image must be of good quality, given that the operator watches the camera surveillance images 10 hours a day.




What problems have the monitors solved?

Previously, we needed a lot of servers in order to gather the camera images and display them on a monitor. Now it is simply a matter of plug and play. Put the network plug into the monitor, configure, and the system is operational.

Have several brands been tested? If yes, which are the reference specifications?

No other brands have been tested. No other screen is available that can support both functions. EIZO is the only manufacturer able to provide us with this solution.

To what extent did the warranty play a role in the selection process?

The warranty is definitely very important. When such a durable monitor no longer functions it has to be replaced quickly. 

What are the benefits from using EIZO products?

This FDF2304W-IP Decoder Monitor solution provides us with huge flexibility when displaying the various IP video images. Installation is very quick and saves us a lot of time. Moreover, the images are very sharp and displayed in realistic colors, which provides the operator with a clear image. This is very important when monitoring an attraction.