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University Animal Hospital

The University Animal Hospital in Uppsala is Sweden’s only university animal hospital and one of the largest and most modern animal hospitals in Europe.  The University Animal Hospital has Sweden’s, in veterinary medicine, largest diagnostic imaging department and clinical chemistry laboratory.

Under the same roof and within the same organization you find health care for both dogs, cats, other small animals and horses. The University Animal Hospital also offers an ambulatory clinic that provides service for horses and farm animals.

The Diagnostic Imaging Clinic at the University Animal Hospital is one of the largest veterinary diagnostic imaging clinics in Europe and the only approved training site in Sweden for a European specialist degree in the subject (Dipl ECVDI). The program is unique as it includes not only in-depth knowledge of radiology and ultrasound, but also scintigraphy, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT).

The University Animal Hospital is currently the only veterinary hospital in Sweden with European specialists in diagnostic imaging in their daily work with both small and large animals. They have many international contacts and often foreign vets who visit or work with them. Their nurses /radiology technicians are specialized and they work solely with diagnostic imaging.

In cooperation with the Department of Clinical Sciences and the Veterinary Faculty research as well as education of veterinary students and nurses is performed and contributes to the development of the subject diagnostic imaging throughout the country.


University Animal Hospital

Margareta Uhlhorn, Chief Veterinarian of Diagnostic Imaging Clinic


Margareta Uhlhorn, Chief Veterinarian of Diagnostic Imaging Clinic says, “Back in 2004 we made a decision to go digital and was introduced to EIZO’s products. EIZO monitors are of top quality to a reasonable pricing. So, when it was time to upgrade after 10 years, there was no doubt on which brand we would choose. We made a decision to replace all monitors at the same time, so that all workstations maintain the same consistent level. Everyone is given the same conditions regardless of which workstation they work on.”

As the picture shows, Margareta Uhlhorn is also keen on the daily working environment and has installed Ergonomic Lighting which is zoned colored light that counteracts reflections in the monitors and optimizes the image quality. The improved lighting offers greater precision and clarity. It influences positively on the working conditions, so the staff will be less tired and have more endurance.

Margareta continues, “The competence and service at EIZO is of top-notch and we have never had any problems with our EIZO monitors.”

University Animal Hospital
Tove Nielsen, Veterinarian & Resident Diagnostic Imaging