Case Studies

Why SPINVFX chooses EIZO.


  Products Deployed: ColorEdge

Established in 1987, SpinVFX is a creative and technically dedicated visual effects studio producing captivating imagery for feature film and television. SPINVFX offices are located in Toronto, Canada.


An EIZO user since 2014, SPIN initially purchased our wide gamut 27” monitors to be used by their “key creative positions who need consistent color performance and calibration capability such as Visual Effects Supervisors and Compositing artists.”

They have worked on effects-heavy television and film including The Expanse seasons one and two, Descendants 2 and Game of Thrones, winning an academy award. Additionally, SPIN has created visual effects for over 75 features including Flatliners and Suicide Squad.

Recently they purchased our 31” 4K and 24” 4K, wide gamut monitor to be used by “Visual Effects Supervisors who need to be able to see deliverables 1 to 1 at the target resolution.”

We asked SpinVFX CTO, Barry Kane, if he could share with us his experience with EIZO, their use in the firm which is outlined above, and where he sees 4K going in the industry.

You have some older models… can you speak to their reliability after all of these years?

EIZO monitors have continued to be very reliable with a very low failure rate even through constant use, EIZO monitors typically see the highest use-time in our environment as they are utilized in the shot completion stage of the VFX process.

Where do you see 4k going in VFX world? It's importance/impact on production?

UHD and 4K are quickly becoming standards for TV and film work respectively. The next major focus will be the need to show HDR imagery in-line with client expectations down the line.

EIZO is looking forward to having SPINVFX test our highly anticipated HDR monitor which is due to be released later this year.


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