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ravenstvo_logo.jpgRavenstvo has announced its latest development — software and hardware complex called Delta for monitoring and evaluation of ice condition parameters. The solution improves the quality of radiolocation data on ice conditions and changes in the parameters of the ice.

Delta receives information from several radars with different ranges available onboard, processes all the data sets and displays the result.

Using data sets from multiple radars with various ranges helps refine the mapping of ice situations, especially in bad weather conditions. The built-in special data processing complex increases the detection range of ice fields, as well as separate ice floes, and allows the operator to assess ice condition using exact figures.

DuraVision FDU2603WEach Delta complex is equipped with a professional touch screen EIZO monitor, the DuraVision FDU2603WT. The model supports the most accurate mapping information.

DuraVision FDU2603W with a diagonal of 25.5 inches is prepared for use in the harsh marine environment, with its temperature conditions, humidity and vibrations. DuraVision FDU2603W meets all the requirements of the international IEC 60945 standard for marine navigation and communication systems. Protection class IP65 ensures that the monitor is fully protected against dust and low pressure water flows.

The monitor is equipped with an industrial grade body of stainless steel as well as LED backlight. This guarantees a long service life and high reliability.

Data acquired with the Delta software and hardware complex will be used in the creation and operation of ships and offshore facilities in freezing Arctic and Antarctic seas, including the area of the Arctic shelf.

In the near future the Delta complex will be deployed at both Russian and foreign icebreakers for monitoring and assessment of ice conditions.


About Ravenstvo

Ravenstvo is part of Granit-Electron Сoncern and one of the leading Russian instrument-making companies in the field of marine electronic equipment and equipment for the Russian Navy and the Border Service. Since the establishment of the Ravenstvo instrument-making factory in 1952, the company has developed several generations of radar systems, an essential part of Russian civil and military fleets.

Ravenstvo manufactures and supplies advanced coastal and shipborne radar stations with improved reliability and usability characteristics, weather monitoring stations as well as radar stations for maritime traffic control systems meeting all requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the Russian River Register. The company also provides medical complexes for the cancer treatment such as Rocus-AM and small-sized hydraulic actuators.

High scientific and technical potential of the company personnel and continuous improvement of effective quality control system allows the company to solve difficult problems in the field of creating knowledge-based defense and civil products.

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