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Radiological Clinic, Biberach, Germany | EIZO

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RadiForce RX660, RX560 MammoDuo
FlexScan EV2450


Radiological Clinic



A wholehearted ‘yes’ to products from EIZO

At the beginning of April 2019, two specialists in diagnostic radiology, Wolfgang Fuchs and Victor-Götz Bansemer, opened a radiological clinic together with Dr Kai Hammer. Since then, they have been welcoming patients to the new healthcare campus in Hauderboschen, Biberach, Germany, alongside 20 other employees.

The two-storey clinic covering 730 m2 offers cutting-edge diagnostics, top professional expertise and an optimal service in comfortable rooms with a pleasant atmosphere. Its range of services spans CT, MRI, X-ray and mammography treatments.


Hospital Landesklinikum Waidhofen an der Thaya



“We took the highest quality and durability standards into account in acquiring all of our new equipment for the clinic – from the door handles to the MRI machines,” says Fuchs. “That’s why when it came to selecting our monitors, we made the quick and resolute decision to purchase products from EIZO,” the experienced radiologist says, explaining his choice.

Wolfgang Fuchs, co-owner of the Radiological Clinic in Biberach


EIZO’s incredible product quality and five-year warranty, which includes an on-site replacement service, caught Fuchs’ eye in particular. Professional consultation from the IT specialist retailer MF MED UG and the team at EIZO, as well as many years of positive experiences with EIZO monitors within the context of the German Mammography Screening Programme, also spoke in favour of choosing EIZO.


RadiForce monitors deliver outstanding image quality for diagnostics

 Radiological Clinic

The medical team uses both RadiForce MammoDuo models – the RX660 and RX560 – for diagnostics. The RX560 MammoDuo, consisting of two RX560 monitors on one specially designed stand, is used for mammography screenings and curative diagnostics due to the excellent image quality it supplies.








EIZO monitors also used in the back office

But EIZO monitors aren’t just used for diagnostic purposes at the clinic run by Fuchs and Bansemer – they are also used for administrating and processing patient and image data, on modalities and in the back office. The admin team uses the FlexScan EV2450 model, which won them over with its chic design and ultra-slim bezel. This means that both its medical specialist monitors and office monitors come from a single source, which makes the entire handling process much simpler.


Radiological Clinic Radiological Clinic