Case Studies


KRAAFT is fast becoming a staple in the gaming world in France with its brands BarKRAAFT and KRAAFT by HUB.

To be more present in the gaming market, KRAAFT often organizes its own competitions during the world championships for StarCraft, League of Legends, CounterStrike, etc.

KRAAFT's mission is clear: "Create a warm place to come together rather than play in solitude," explains Alix Kloboukoff, president of Kraaft eSport.

"The gamer comes into our facility in search of a new video gaming experience: we play, we share, we take a drink we consume organic products and/or local products that are benchmarks in their respective markets. We want to be number 1 with number 1."

That is why KRAAFT chose to equip itself with EIZO monitors: "At present, EIZO is the reference brand in terms of response time .EIZO's reputation is well established – it’s a real guarantee of quality for gamers,"says Alix Kloboukoff. It also specifies the reasons that led Kraft to opt for the Foris FG2421. "The 240 Hz refresh rate was essential to allow gamers optimal user experience in FPS games such as CounterStrike and Call of Duty."

KRAAFT is now expanding througout France. Gamers in Poitiers, Bordeaux, Reims, Lyon, Toulouse, Tours and Paris will soon have the chance to play on the exceptional hardware KRAAFT provides.