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IMMAGINE23 is an advertising agency, located at the gates of Milan, Italy, which provides complete, customized solutions to meet the customer requirements in the area of graphics and communication.

In one single creative, dynamic organization, a team of young professionals work in synergy and ongoing liaison with the client in the creation of websites, advertising campaigns, social media marketing, catalogues and, more, in the management of all the necessary aspects for creating or renewing a communication strategy, be it digital or offline.

How did you discover EIZO?

We discovered EIZO following a search launched in the years in which technology moved from CRT to LCD monitors. We paid great care and attention to our choice of supplier, asking for plenty of advice and opinions from our closest professional IT material retailers.

Why did you decide to choose EIZO?

We opted for EIZO monitors for a host of different reasons: first of all the accuracy of color and the calibration possibilities, which for a communication agency is essential, and then we considered the aesthetic look, since we wanted monitors that were not only professional, but that also looked good and would blend in with a design setting. Lastly, not a fundamental factor but nonetheless important, was the price-quality ratio.

What kind of monitor did you use in the past? What advantages, if any, have you found in EIZO monitors?

In the past, we used monitors supplied directly by the computer manufacturers, which proved to be a negative experience due to the poor color accuracy. Even if the images looked marvelous at first, when compared with the actual outcome, what we could see on the video was nowhere near like the print. The greatest advantage, when we moved to EIZO, was the complete elimination of inconsistencies between the design and the print. Our graphic artists could control what would be the end result of the print to be delivered to the client.

With what equipment do you use EIZO monitors? How do they interact with other hardware/software?
We mainly interact with EIZO monitors through the Power Mac G5. The compatibility is excellent, as is the color performance. For calibration, we use ColorSync sensors.

How important is color management and calibration to your work?

For a communication business like ours, color is one of the basic factors. We must always have an exact mirror of the end result, especially in printing, to avoid any unpleasant and costly disputes with our clients. Over recent years, moreover, we have realized how important color precision is even in web design, to have a color mirror able to show us what users can see on their devices. That is why each of our programmer’s all-in-one workstations has a second EIZO monitor to one side.

What advice would you give to potential color management monitor customers to convince them to move to an EIZO monitor?

I would advise them to try it out, and not to be blinded by the current fad for bright, glitzy monitors. I would also suggest they do some careful research before purchasing, maybe through blogs or field tests, as well as getting advice from a an expert in the sector and not a non-specialist retailer.