Case Studies

The Place For Gamers: EIZO FORIS FG2421 in the Gameffect E-Sport Center | EIZO

Being the only gaming center in close proximity to DreamHack in Jönköping, Sweden, Gameffect works not only with customers to deliver the ultimate gaming experience but also with several companies to deliver high quality equipment for exposure purposes at events. Having several areas of business implies reliance on hardware that works without trouble, making us work heavily towards achieving simple solutions. Aiming always to be on top, the business is constantly in progression towards creating the best experience on all ends.

Anton ‘S3nd’ Dahlström, head of marketing at Gameffect, commented “EIZO has their aim towards the future and in many ways they share the same vision and Principles of Conduct that Gameffect aims to follow – to always deliver the next level of experience and to aim further than today. We are working in long terms with our relationships to form an environment in which both companies can thrive. This is something that we believe EIZO to uphold, and together we can create the new gaming experience for both of our end customers. Our 60+ units FORIS FG2421 monitors have done nothing but served us well since we started working with EIZO in December 2014.



“First and foremost; EIZO delivers products that we believe in. They are second to none in user experience in any genre of games. From the demanding, fast-paced FPS games to the more methodical MOBAs, the monitors continue to get wonderful reviews from the customers and clients. There has to date never been a problem with any FG2421 monitor even though they are utilized in every day business as well as transported to events. To us, EIZO has the products to beat, and for Gameffect that is exactly what we are looking for.”