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Gaffa Media GmbH is a fully-integrated Swiss media production agency specialized in bringing the stories behind organizations, products and services to their target audience through professional commercial spots, branding and explanation videos, as well as corporate photography. Its client portfolio includes large, internationally renowned brands in the health and lifestyle segment.

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We asked Klaus Bjarner Pedersen, creative director at Gaffa Media, why he chose EIZO ColorEdge monitors and his impressions after using them.

Mr. Klaus Bjarner Pedersen

Klaus Bjarner Pedersen
Gaffa Media creative director

Reasons for choosing EIZO ColorEdge Monitors

“When I started Gaffa Media back in 2010, it was like any other media startup company. To be able to produce content, you need a lot of expensive gear but you only have a small budget. In that situation, it is easy and understandable to only focus on the purchase price. A compromise between your budget and quality is often necessary, but where I did not want to compromise was on our monitors. Before starting Gaffa Media, I had worked as a product manager in the IT distribution channel for several years. There I learned how important cost of ownership is when buying monitors by observing the difference in purchase pattern between those focusing on quality and those only focusing on lowest price. ColorEdge montirosThe 5 year warranty on the EIZO CG monitors means that I am confident that I do not have extra costs on the monitors in that period, where on other brands I only have that assurance for 1 or 2 years. In addition, our monitors run close to 24/7, so low power consumption leads to lower energy expenses, together with a good feeling for the environment, ending up making the monitors very competitive against lower quality brands.

“Of course price and cost of ownership is not everything and our main reason for buying EIZO ColorEdge is its quality. We work with high-end cameras and light equipment, and the money we have invested there means nothing if we don’t use good, accurate monitors to view the result. Our completely color calibrated workflow ensures us and our customers the absolute highest quality and fastest workflow…and a daily joy when we turn on the monitors and see the brilliant quality.”

Impressions after using EIZO ColorEdge monitors

“We use our CG monitors for critical color grading on both our video and still image projects. “Whenever we have something where we need to trust the colors our monitors show us 100%, we use the CGs. I use both, a CG241 and CG243 next to each other. We calibrate the monitors for every 100 hours of use so we have an exact match.

“I have used calibration products and software from all leading manufacturers but really like the quality we get from the ColorNavigator software combined with the Spyder4 Elite sensor from Datacolor. The ColorNavigator software is the only one that allows us to calibrate the built-in LUT directly in the monitor in the full bit depth of the monitor. Calibrating in 12, 14 and 16-bit depending on monitor model makes a monumental difference to a standard calibration on the graphic card which is only 8 bit. Having a color calibrated monitor, we can save a lot of time in the post process and gives us the assurance, that what we see is correct. The uniformity of light on the screens, that ensures that we have the same brightness (and thus colors) on the entire monitor, is one of the things I really love. I don’t need to work in the middle for correct colors like on other calibrated monitors; on the EIZO CG we know the colors are correct, no matter if we see our image in the middle or at the edge of the screen.

“One thing that has astonished me over the years we have used the CG monitors, is that the quality is consistent. After almost 30,000 hours of use, our monitors are as good as when we first bought them. We have not experienced one single problem, which I cannot say about other brands we have had. Of all the gear we have purchased over the years, the money we spent on quality lights, lenses and monitors is one of the best spent. Quality lasts and is a constant joy to use.”