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Deutsche Welle Has Been Using EIZO Monitors for Nearly 20 Years | EIZO

logoDeutsche Welle (DW) has set the bar high for the quality standard of its work station systems. It is therefore particularly impressive that when it comes to choosing monitors, EIZO has been the top choice for many years and continuously meets the German broadcaster’s high requirements.
The EIZO monitors provide a reliable service in various areas such as administration, the editorial office, and at the studios. Over 1,000 devices with screens between 19 to 23 inches are currently in use, with some as dual-screen solutions depending on the application.

Deutsche Welle currently has the EIZO FlexScan EV2316W model installed as its standard device. The 23-inch monitor offers clear hues and high contrasts from every viewing angle thanks to its high stability in this respect. What’s more, energy-efficient EcoView functions and energy-saving LED backlighting constantly ensure the correct brightness and optimal energy consumption. Employees can also adjust the work station to their individual requirements thanks to the ergonomic monitor base.

When asked why Germany’s international broadcaster has been using EIZO products for so many years, the DW team leader responsible for work station systems responds: “Our public tenders particularly focus on long-lasting design, superb image quality, the highest degree of ergonomics, and energy efficiency. We also place great value on the factors of low service requirements and long service life. The proven long product lifecycle also makes it possible to expand work stations at no great extra cost.”