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Qiao Fengwei - Landscape and Nature Photography | EIZO

Please introduce your favorite equipment and software for post-production.

Doing creative work, I like to use EIZO CG318-4K and Apple Mac Pro as my post-retouching equipment. I use the X-Rite i1 color calibrator when I have to use a notebook, but I try not to since the performance can't meet the professional needs. Regarding software, I use Photoshop mostly – I am very satisfied with the versatility and local adjustment capability of Adobe software.

creative work

What is absolutely necessary for creative work?

In post-production, the most important thing is to know what you want and take the initiative to implement those tools, rather than just use whatever you have, or carry out workflows that you do not need at all. However, there are several processes that are necessary. The most important aspect for hardware is screen calibration, while software is mostly about processing. At present, the overall processing of the software, and even some automatic processing, can achieve very advanced effects. How to make photos more beautiful requires fine local processing of hue, lights, and darks.
absolutely necessary for creative work

Why did you choose EIZO?

EIZO monitors are unique in terms of color accuracy, shading detail, and stability. I only use the most outstanding, so to achieve the best results, EIZO is my choice.


How have you benefitted from EIZO?

When adjusting black and white photos, my EIZO can display "black" very accurately. The extremely bright and extremely dark parts are not well mastered in the printout otherwise. The EIZO monitor can accurately display the details of these areas, especially the dark parts. Another point is that EIZO monitors won't make me feel tired when I’m working on a photo for a long time, which gives me a great experience.




Qiao Fengwei is a member of EIZO's ColorEdge Ambassador Program. The program showcases creatives who are committed to inspiring and educating artist around the world of all levels. To view his profile, click here. Ambassador Program


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