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Air Traffic Management Bureau, Chongqing Branch / Civil Aviation Administration of China | EIZO

ATMB / CAAC choose EIZO for around 70 air traffic controller workstations at its branch in Chongqing.

The Southwest Air Traffic Management Bureau (ATMB), Chongqing Branch under the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) is located in Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport. Its main responsibilities include: implementing national air traffic management policies, laws and regulations, decision-making and instruction of the CAAC, commanding and coordinating civil aviation flight activities in the area of responsibility, providing civil aviation air traffic control and communication navigation monitoring, aeronautical information, and aviation meteorological services, managing resource allocation including flight time and airspace capacity within its administrative area, managing construction projects of the organization, important flight activities in the area of responsibility, search and rescue of civil aircrafts, and related air traffic control activities.

With the volume of civil aviation transportation in China growing year by year, the CAAC Air Traffic Administration Department continues to increase its requirements for communication, navigation, and monitoring equipment. If a piece of equipment were to fail, it would drastically affect the ability to carry out important air traffic management tasks and ensure the safety of those using civil aviation transportation services. A great deal of importance is attached to the procurement of the air traffic controller’s main display as one part of ensuring these operations continue without issue.

Through several tests and comparisons carried out since 2012, the ATMB, Chongqing Branch opted to install more than 100 of EIZO’s Raptor 2K x 2K primary control monitors (28-inch) for around 70 controller workstations. As a result of the rigorous testing procedures, the monitors’ stable performance, durability, color fidelity, and simple maintenance met the needs for the Chongqing Jiangbei Airport East Terminal and Third Runway Air Traffic Control Engineering Main Display Automation Project. In addition to the 2K x 2K monitors, they also installed over 150 units of 22-inch FlexScan models to serve as auxiliary monitors in the air traffic controller setups. In total over 250 monitors were deployed in Chongqing, resulting in the entirety of its air traffic control operations now carried out on EIZO monitors.


EIZO has been an industry leader in the innovation and development of quality 2K primary control monitors for air traffic control since 2005. With this installation at Chongqing, EIZO products are now relied on by hundreds of air traffic controllers in several ATMB locations across China.

Deployed Products

Raptor 2K x 2K Primary Control Monitors
FlexScan Auxiliary Monitors