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G-Ignition Mobile

G-Ignition Mobile is a free app that lets you use your smartphone like a remote control to adjust the settings of the FORIS FS2735.

Turn the monitor’s power on and off, select an input (DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI 1/HDMI 2), and choose a color mode (Game, Cinema, Web/sRGB, Paper, and six user-customizable modes). You can also adjust the volume of the built-in or external speakers.


Adjust Your Screen

Adjusting your screen's color and other settings usually requires poking around with the buttons on the monitor's bezel. G-Ignition Mobile simplifies the process by letting you adjust your monitor’s settings including the following.

  • Adjust color including brightness, contrast, gamma, and saturation
  • Turn Smart Insight Demolition on and off
  • Set the overdrive level or disable it
  • Turn Blur Reduction on/off

colo0r adjustment

Share Profiles on the Cloud

Once you have adjusted your FORIS monitor to your ideal settings, you can share them with other gamers by exporting them to EIZO’s free cloud service, G-Ignition Drive. You can also import profile from professionals and other gamers.

To make it easy to find a profile that’s right for you, profiles are arranged by game title and variables such as brightness, contrast, and dark area visibility are plotted on a radar chart. In addition, the number of times each profile has been downloaded is listed so you can gauge its popularity.

import data

Stay Updated with On-Screen Notifications

Whenever you receive a call, e-mail, or other communication on your smartphone, G-Ignition Mobile will post a notification icon in the lower right corner of your screen. Now you can game with your headphones on without worrying if you can hear your smartphone's ringtone.

onscreen notifications

POP-UPs of PAC-MAN and other NAMCO Classic Characters

For gamers who prefer colorful and animated notifications or “POP-UPs,” (sold separately) we offer PAC-MAN and other characters from classic BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. games for download.

The POP-UPs come in two packages of five POP-UPs each. One package consists of characters from PAC-MAN and the other of characters from the NAMCO classic titles GALAGA, GALAXIAN, and DIG DUG. Both packages are available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.


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