Survey: 79% of Radiologists Recommend EIZO RadiForce RX850 for the Multi-Modality Workflow


RX850_SurveyResults_image.jpgEIZO supported Dr. László Tabár's Advanced Course on Multi-modality Detection and Diagnosis of Breast Diseases (Gold Coast, Australia, November 10-12, 2015) with 25 RadiForce RX850 multi-modality monitors used at the seminar. A survey was conducted with 47 participating radiologists who submitted their feedback on the RadiForce RX850 workstation.






77% of radiologists surveyed agreed or strongly agreed that using the EIZO RadiForce RX850 workstation for both colour and monochrome images in a multi-modality environment would improve how efficiently they work.



89% of radiologists surveyed agreed or strongly agreed that the EIZO RadiForce RX850 monitor matte panel that shows no reflection is an important feature.



79% of radiologists surveyed said they were likely or very likely to recommend EIZO RadiForce RX850 Multi Modality Monitors to others.



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Survey and results provided courtesy of ARCADIA Corporation.