EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre Now Equipped With EIZO 2K x 2K Monitors

Wolfratshausen, Germany, January 15, 2013 – EUROCONTROL has chosen the Raptor SQ2802 2K x 2K primary control monitors from EIZO at their experimental centre in Brétigny Sur Orge, France.

The Raptor SQ2802 monitors have been installed in a series of simulation rooms to equip the controller positions, where a number of real-time simulation platforms and tools dedicated to airspace validation are used. These include ESCAPE (EUROCONTROL Simulation Capability and Platform for Experimentation), eDEP (Early Demonstration and Evaluation Platform), and ECS (EUROCONTROL Cockpit Simulator).

“We selected EIZO because they went beyond fulfilling minimal technical requirements, offering a monitor that provides low energy consumption and outstanding visual capability,” according to José Seixo from EUROCONTROL.

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