EIZO Releases Re/Vue Lite Encoding and Streaming Device with Mission Critical Redundancy for ATC/C2 Markets

Altamonte Springs, Florida, USA, November 20, 2013 – EIZO today announced the Re/Vue Lite, an H.264 encoding and streaming device with built-in mission critical redundancy for air traffic control (ATC) and command and control (C2) environments. It supports resolutions of up to 1920 × 1200 from both analog (VGA) and digital (DVI) sources.

ReVue LiteThe Re/Vue Lite provides extensive redundancy to ensure continued operation through simultaneous H.264 encoded video data streams, dual Ethernet outputs, two power supplies, and an integrated active splitter that forwards video signals to the monitor even when no power is applied to the unit.

David Hindon, business developer manager for EIZO’s Re/Vue product line commented, “Our system integrator partners have driven this development in their search for a reliable, cost effective solution to the recording of low-resolution analog and digital monitors. With Re/Vue Lite they now have the dual redundancy which is so often a requirement for mission-critical surveillance applications, such as air traffic control and command and control systems.”

The Re/Vue Lite is operating system independent and hardware agnostic for seamless integration as the video encoding component of a broader recording solution. “Given the Re/Vue series’ performance, reliability, and capability within the overall system, we expect many of our partners and customers to opt for a combined solution comprising our Re/Vue Lite and Re/Vue Mini products,” added David Hindon. “This will provide significant flexibility and allow them to deploy solutions of the highest quality while maintaining cost competitiveness in challenging market conditions.”

EIZO’s Re/Vue series of ATC recording and streaming solutions was first introduced four years ago and also includes the Re/Vue MG1 video and audio recorder and the Re/Vue Mini, a standalone recording component supporting lossless compression for video capture, encoding, streaming, and playback of connected monitors up to 2K × 2K.

In addition to its use in ATC and C2 markets as a component of at-the-glass recording solutions, Re/Vue Lite is also suitable for other mission-critical applications including video surveillance, reconnaissance, broadcast, and geospatial intelligence.

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