EIZO Releases Extension for Its Video Over IP Solution that Transmits 4K Video Signals at 60 Hz for the OR

CuratOR_AlipeRülzheim, Germany, November 14, 2019 – EIZO GmbH today announced an extension for its video over IP solution, CuratOR Alipe, which provides lossless transmission of image and video within and outside of the OR. With the new TIP0810-HDMI IP transceiver, 4K 60Hz image signals can now be transmitted for further video management flexibility.

With the use of 4K modalities increasing in hospitals worldwide, there is a growing demand for flexible video routing systems that ensure the lossless, high-resolution images are available anytime and anywhere throughout the hospital for optimal viewing. CuratOR Alipe provides a future-oriented video over IP solution system that is modularly expandable and scalable.

The core functionality of CuratOR Alipe is contained in the IP transceiver hardware. In addition to the already available TIP0210-DVI (1920 x 1200 resolution support) and TIP0410-HDMI (up to 3840 x 2160 / 30 Hz resolution support), EIZO extends its Alipe system with the TIP0810-HDMI, which supports signals of up to 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) at 60 Hz. This provides increased flexibility to support higher resolution medical image data over a standardized network, adding to the Alipe system’s future proof solution concept. CuratOR Alipe transmits data without compression, ensuring the optimum image quality. Furthermore, existing installations can be extended with the new TIP0810-HDMI to support 4K modalities.

Data is transmitted via fiber-optic cable, enabling transmission distances of up to 10 kilometers. As a result, not only separate rooms, but entire buildings can be linked to one another, with up to 4K image data and audio seamlessly transmitted between them. This is useful for transmitting data within and outside of the OR, as well as to conference rooms, lecture halls, and other locations. All transceivers can be configured to suit hospital needs. They implement passive cooling for noiseless operation and minimal mechanical wear.

The IP protocol is packet-based so the same network cable can be used to transmit all information – regardless of whether it is image data, audio data, video data, or even control of a keyboard and mouse. For example, a computer in a remote computing center can be operating via the EIZO system directly from the OR. Video management functions are integrated into the devices, so various video sources can be displayed on a monitor in multiple views, such as Side-by-Side, Picture-in-Picture, and QuadView.

EIZO will be demonstrating CuratOR Alipe at Medica 2019 from November 18 - 21 in Düsseldorf, Hall 10, booth 10H41.

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