EIZO eBook - One Lesson I Learned in Photography

EIZO has assembled a book of short stories with the theme “One lesson I learned in photography.” 25 photographers from 17 countries contributed a story and one of their photographic works. (See the list of contributing photographers below.) The book is intended to be an entertaining and inspiring reference for anyone interested in photography.

The photographers represent an abundance of fields including fashion, landscape, portrait, pet, railroad, music, and automobile photography. The lessons they impart are many. Some are contemplative while others are humorous. Most of them share common themes such as trusting yourself, taking risks, establishing rapport with your subjects, and being aware of your surroundings so that you will be ready when the opportunity for that perfect shot presents itself.




This book is available for free.


EIZO has printed 4,000 pieces of this book and will hand them out free of charge at select photographic events beginning with Photokina in Cologne, Germany from September 16-21 in hall 4.1 booth I025/J030

25 contributing photographers


David Abdallah

Lindsay Adler

Bence Barsony

Andreas H. Bitesnich (Austria)

Drex Brooks

Jago Corazza

Paweł Duma

Peter Eastway

Frederik Herregods (Belgium)

Ladislav Kamarad
(Czech Republic)

Guido Karp

Salem Krieger

Bobby Lee
(Hong Kong)

Derek Lee
(Hong Kong)

Fiona Murray

Hirokazu Nagane

Yoko Nakamura

Mark Sherratt

Jae Seol Shim
(South Korea)

Sarah Silver

Michael Soluri

Thibault Stipal

Hans van Ommeren
(The Netherlands)

Richard Walch