Case Study: Martini Hospital in Groningen, the Netherlands uses Cloud-based Enterprise QC Solutions


Within the hospital, several different monitors and software solutions from EIZO are used.

The Martini Hospital is a leading clinical hospital with approximately 600 beds, within which the Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine carries out approximately 170,000 surveys on an annual basis.

The Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine works entirely with EIZO with only the exception of the mammography policlinic, which for historical reasons still works with a different brand of monitors. Within radiology a standard is followed whereby a set of two 3MP monitors, a combination of grayscale and color monitors, is used. For nuclear medicine, a set of two 2MP color monitors is used. The meeting rooms also feature a separate workstation with two 3MP monitors by EIZO, which allows the images to also be shown on a large-scale presentation screen in the small meeting room and a 4MP projector in the large meeting room.

Furthermore, EIZO diagnostic monitors are used within the hospital in the Department of Pulmonary Medicine and in the Emergency department. An increasing number of other applicants who assess radiology images obtain a clinical review monitor from EIZO.

Case Study - Martini Ziekenhuis


What specific requirements were there for the monitors?

One requirement in choosing the monitors was that the 2MP & 3MP color monitors had to have a high luminance. Luminance levels for the Martini hospital are set to 450 cd/m2 to limit the impact of possible ambient light. In addition, we wanted a clinical review display that could be calibrated in a fully independent manner and therefore would have an integrated front sensor.

Various brands were tested and EIZO came out on top on the basis of price and quality.

Has the RadiCS software and RadiNET Pro Web Hosting solved a specific problem?

EIZO RadiCS software and RadiNET Pro Web Hosting solution have solved a management problem for us. RadiCS and RadiNET Pro Web Hosting are used in the Martini Hospital in combination with all EIZO diagnostic and clinical review monitors. They are mainly used to record reports, and to a lesser extent for monitoring service life. In addition, we have also implemented this with EIZO monitors used in the Wilhelmina Hospital Assen and the Nij Smellinghe Hospital in Drachten.

To what extent did the guarantee play a role in the selection process?

The brightness guarantee played a lesser role because the higher level of brightness which is configured cannot be guaranteed by the supplier. However, experience has shown that by following good practice of turning off the monitor when not in use, the life span of EIZO equipment is significantly higher than 5 years.

What are the benefits of using EIZO products?

A good price-quality ratio, good interpretation to independently calibrate, diagnostic and the clinical review monitors with their ability to work seamlessly with EIZO RadiCS and RadiNET Pro Web Hosting.



Anne Talsma
Clinical physician, Martini Hospital