EIZO Announces Re/Vue Mini - a Compact Recording Solution for Air Traffic Control and Defense Markets

re_vue_miniCypress, California, USA, February 28, 2012 - Eizo Nanao Technologies (EIZO) today introduced the Re/Vue Mini, the second product in its family of recording systems designed to capture, compress and archive video data from any DVI (digital) source. The Re/Vue Mini offers the same lossless recording and high compression ratios for resolutions up to 2048 x 2048 as its predecessor but in an extremely compact and space-saving cabinet.


EIZO has designed the Re/Vue Mini to occupy minimal space at just 144 mm (5.7") wide, 148 mm (5.8") deep, and 76 mm (3") high. The small footprint ensures the Re/Vue Mini will fit within the space constraints of almost any ATC installation. It consumes just 21 watts of power during typical operation which minimizes the cooling requirements in a console and reduces overall energy consumption.


The Re/Vue Mini offers synchronized recording of video and associated audio, local storage, remote archival capability, scheduled recording, auto resolution detection, time stamped data files, and control of file length and compression ratios through the capture configuration settings. Compression ratios are an industry-leading 8,000:1 to 20,000:1 for typical ATC data at resolutions up to 2K x 2K. In addition to reducing storage requirements, the recording is lossless to ensure playback of exactly what the controller sees.


The Re/Vue Mini can serve as a standalone video recorder. It can also be used as a training and incident analysis tool or integrated as the video recording component of a third-party solution allowing synchronization with audio, radar and other data types.


The Re/Vue Mini simply connects between the computer's graphics board and the monitor to be recorded. It is platform and graphics card independent so it does not have to be maintained and upgraded whenever the application software changes. In addition, multiple devices can be controlled from a single secure web page over a local or remote LAN or using SNMP management client, offering the ability to manage an entire building or campus of Re/Vue recording systems from across the room or across the country.


The customized, license-free playback utility allows recordings to be played back on any Windows or Linux system. This allows files to be easily shared remotely or locally between groups, despite any hardware configuration differences. If playback is at a lower resolution than the original recording, extended features such as pan and zoom can be used to help compensate for resolution differences.


If power is ever lost to the Re/Vue Mini, fail-safe video bypass ensures the controller's screen will continue to receive a video signal. This eliminates the need for an external active DVI splitter.


The Re/Vue Mini has a two-year product warranty. Evaluation samples will be available from late March and production will begin in May. Visitors to ATC Global in Amsterdam can have a first look at the Re/Vue Mini by visiting EIZO in hall 11 stand H614.


About EIZO

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