Case Study: Pablo Serrano Uses the ColorEdge CG2420

Pablo Serrano

Pablo Serrano, who has worked on projects featuring Kate Spade, Harry Potter eBooks, iWatch, Lookbook, and Stamp D; and whose work can be seen in USA Weekend, Atlanta Magazine, Latina and Golf Digest, is a professional photographer and digital tech/retoucher with more than 10 years of experience in post-production for editorial and advertising sectors. His professional experience is a blend of photography work, digital tech, image-retouching and web development.

Pablo shares his preference for EIZO over other brands. He states, “I have been working with various displays for all of my post production digital work. Overtime the displays start to age becoming uneven around the edges making it necessary to replace the screen. EIZO is my first choice to replace my aging screen based on its reputation for display evenness and color accuracy."

A visit to the EIZO global website revealed the new ColorEdge®CG2420 screen. The new bezel design, built in handle, built in calibrator sensor, viewing hood and improved contrast made this unit my replacement choice. I was one of the first photographers to buy the ColorEdge®CG2420 screen in the U.S.

Getting started with the EIZO was easy. It’s basically, plug and go. EIZO comes with built in calibration presets for Photography, Web Design and Printing which can be used when setting up the screen or you may opt to make a custom calibration profile with the built in calibrator.

Pablo Serrano-Sky

When I started working with the ColorEdge®CG2420, I was able to immediately notice a difference in web components like buttons and background colors. The colors and gradients appeared softer and organic. The ColorEdge®CG2420 displays a wider color range, better subtle contrast and natural colors. Basically, the ColorEdge®CG2420 offers more information in the highlights and shadows, allowing me to work with more confidence knowing that the color and contrast are accurate.

The ColorEdge®CG2420 screen is easy to setup, use and maintain. The automatic calibration every 200 hours takes the load off recalibration. Using the ColorEdge®CG2420 is easy and delightful. Once you become familiar with an EIZO screen you wish to have another EIZO screen.”

In addition, Pablo holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Photography from Art Center College of Design and is an Adobe Certified Photoshop CC/CS6 Expert and PhaseOne Certified Professional with onset, agency and remote work experience.