EIZO Collaborates with Established Creatives Worldwide under New ColorEdge Ambassador Program

Hakusan, Japan, November 5, 2015 – EIZO Corporation (TSE: 6737) today announced the launch of the ColorEdge Ambassador Program, a new program that establishes collaborations with professional creatives worldwide to share their insights, experiences, and passions with the graphics community.

The ColorEdge Ambassador Program showcases professional photographers, designers, filmmakers, and other creatives who are committed to inspiring and educating artists around the world of all levels. EIZO’s Ambassadors – all of them ColorEdge users – are passionately dedicated to their craft and prepare the best equipment for realizing their creative vision. ColorEdge Ambassadors will share their insights and provide objective feedback on their experiences with ColorEdge products to EIZO. This will assist EIZO in its ongoing development of new graphics monitors and calibration software solutions that continue to meet the needs of creatives worldwide.

The first of EIZO’s ColorEdge Ambassadors include four established artists in the areas of photography and filmmaking: Jeff Rojas and Mike Pecci from the United States whose fields are photography and photography/filmmaking respectively, and Benny Rebel and Radomir Jakubowski, two renowned wildlife and nature photographers based out of Germany. Each Ambassador has an individual profile on EIZO’s dedicated ColorEdge Ambassador Program webpage which includes the Ambassador’s bio, gallery of works, and experiences with their ColorEdge monitors.


(left to right) Ambassadors Benny Rebel, Jeff Rojas, Mike Pecci, and Radomir Jakubowski with their ColorEdge monitors

The ColorEdge Ambassador Program will continue to grow to include more artists of varying fields and backgrounds. Whether a person simply enjoys seeing the work of different artists or seeks to apply new-found knowledge to their own creative vision, the ColorEdge Ambassador Program forms new connections with which EIZO and Ambassadors can share informative and inspirational content with the graphics community on a global scale.

The ColorEdge series is EIZO’s line of professional and entry-level color management monitors. Most ColorEdge monitors feature a built-in calibration or correction sensor and are supported by EIZO’s own ColorNavigator 6 software to deliver predictable color results through hardware calibration and ease-of-use through completely automated screen adjustment.  

ColorEdge Ambassador website: www.eizoglobal.com/i/ambassadors/

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