Image Retouching Software Settings

Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 Settings

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Check your retouching software settings

The following settings are the default settings. Under the default settings the image will display correctly.

Click on “Color Settings” under “Edit” on the menu bar.

Click on Color Settings under Edit on the menu bar

In the Color Settings window, select “Always Optimize Colors for Computer Screens” and click “OK”. This will complete the settings.

click OK. This will complete the settings


Note when using Adobe Photoshop Elements Camera Raw to develop raw video

In Photoshop Elements 7 and above, when developing raw video using Camera Raw the color space will be saved under Photoshop Elements’ Color Settings. For developing raw videos using sRGB color space, select “Always Optimize Colors for Computer Screens”. For Adobe RGB color space, select “Always Optimize for Printing.”

Once you have finished setting the image retouching software, adjust your printer settings [Printer Settings]

Color Matching Process

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