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We have tested the compatibility between ColorEdge 4K monitors and SDI converters for use in professional video creation.


Manufacturer Output / Input Product Monitor
CG3146 CG319X CG318-4K CG248-4K
APANTAC SDI-DisplayPort Micro-4K-DP 1 Not Supported Not Supported Yes 2 Yes 2
AJA SDI-HDMI Hi5-4K-Plus Yes
Hi5-4K Not Tested Not Tested Yes Not Tested
Blackmagic Design SDI-HDMI Teranex Mini SDI to HDMI 12G Yes Yes Yes Yes

1 Applicable for Micro-4K-DP serial number 170518001 or later.

2 YUV signal is converted to RGB signal. Does not operate with RGB signal input.


4K Monitor Compatibility with Video Devices

For compatibility between ColorEdge 4K monitors and video devices, click here.



Q: Do CG3146, CG319X and CG279X support SDI input?

A: No. Please refer to the above list for compatible converters.


Q: Do CG3146 and CG319X support HDR10?

A: CG3146 and CG319X can display signal from an HDR10 output device. Please refer to the setup manual to select the appropriate gamma and color space for HDR10.


Q: Do other HDR CG Series monitors support HDR10?

A: No. HDR support for monitors other than CG3146 and CG319X do not include HDR10.


Implementing 4K Monitors

Get information on EIZO 4K monitors such as compatibility with other devices and more.



Gamma Curves Workflow Compatibility / FAQs