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Efficient homeworking with just a laptop and monitor!

In today’s workplace home or remote working is becoming more commonplace. And in the current climate with uncertain times looming, businesses may need to introduce this new way of working to many… But are businesses ready to get their workers set up at home? Is a laptop, phone connection and VPN enough? To some business’s homeworking is seen as being inefficient. Have you considered though how the environment or the setup of your homeworker employee could be a cause of this inefficiency? Working on a small laptop screen may mean you are not getting the best from your team. By changing the set up from just laptop to “laptop plus monitor”, home working becomes more comfortable and consequently, more efficient.


Right posture, less fatigue, increased concentration

When working on a laptop, users tend to lean forwards and curl up to see the screen. This can result in stiff shoulders and back pain. As fatigue accumulates, concentration is reduced and efficiency is reduced.

Monitors with a wide range of screen position adjustments can be set to the optimal position for each user. By sitting in a position that is easy to work at users ultimately feel less tired, and concentration and work efficiency will naturally increase.

EIZO Academy: Ergonomic homeworking

With multi-screen set up comes easy multitasking!

Whilst working, it is common to launch multiple applications such as Outlook and Excel at the same time. On the other hand, a laptop has a small screen size and a small display area, so the number of windows that can be displayed at one time is limited. Therefore, when working only with a notebook PC, it is necessary to switch windows for each application used, which tends to reduce work efficiency.

If you connect your laptop to an external monitor, the display area will be more than doubled. Since multiple windows can be displayed easily, at the same time, you can create a quotation or a presentation at the same time while also viewing e-mails.

EIZO Academy:Homeworking with multi-screen set

No need for frequent scrolling

During our working day, much of the content we view is vertical, including reports, programming, and chat apps like Slack. Laptop only users will find their PC assumes a landscape screen, so displaying vertical content creates extra white space on the left and right sides of the screen.

A monitor that can rotate vertically can display vertically long content without waste. Depending on the display content, the display amount increases by 60% or more, so the frequency of scrolling up and down the screen decreases.

Comparison when displaying a 1920 x 1200 resolution monitor vertically and horizontally and displaying contents of 1200 x 1920 pixels.

EIZO Academy: Homeworking with vertical display

An external monitor is convenient, but is there no space at home?

How EIZO can help…

EIZO monitors have a wide adjustment range for the stand, so you can place a notebook PC under the monitor allowing you to effectively use the dead space behind the laptop. Space-saving, multi-screen can be realised even in a limited work space at home, since the display area is doubled on the upper and lower surfaces of the notebook PC and the monitor, therefore meaning work efficiency is more than doubled.

EIZO Academy:Homeworking with external monitor

Furthermore, choosing an EIZO monitor with USB Type-C connectivity can supply power to the laptop, eliminating the need to connect the laptops AC adapter.

Instead of a docking station, you can use a USB port on the monitor to connect a USB device such as a mouse or keyboard, making your desk even cleaner.

EIZO Academy:Homeworking and USB-C connectivity