Improve Efficiency – View both Monochrome and Color Images on one Screen

Display Both Monochrome and Color

Hybrid Gamma PXLThe Hybrid Gamma PXL function automatically distinguishes between monochrome and color images pixel by pixel, creating a hybrid display where each pixel has optimum grayscale; giving it greater accuracy and reliability than the conventional area-detection method.

In addition to breast tomosynthesis and mammography monochrome images, which require high display performance, the RX560 also faithfully reproduces color images such as breast MRI and CT, ultrasound, and pathology. This ultimately improves efficiency by allowing both monochrome and color images to be viewed on one screen.

Display Both Monochrome and Color

EIZO, in collaboration with the Federation of National Public Service Personnel Mutual Aid Association of Kumamoto Chuo Hospital, Japan, conducted a visual assessment of the function. As a result of comparing monitors with the function turned on and off, it was found that Hybrid Gamma PXL accurately displays monochrome images according to DICOM Part 14, and actually improved accuracy of color image interpretation.

See the White Paper "The Advantages of Hybrid Gamma PXL" [PDF]



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