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The EIZO 4K Ultra-HD EV3237 Monitor Completely Fulfills S-Kreditpartner's Requirements | EIZO

Deployed Products: FlexScan EV3237


S-Kreditpartner, the company in the Sparkassen Finance Group that specializes in car loans and consumer credit, is a subsidiary of Berliner Sparkasse/Landesbank Berlin Holding and Deutsche Leasing based in Berlin, Germany. The company was founded in 2011 and currently has around 300 employees.


Why the Sparkassen Finance Group chose EIZO


Dr. Stefan Lenkmühler, Director of IT

In March 2017, all of the company’s workstations were equipped with new hardware. When selecting monitors, the company immediately chose the EIZO brand. “We greatly value providers who have already established themselves in professional environments,” says Dr. Stefan Lenkmühler, Director of IT, explaining the reasoning behind this decision. He adds: “Moreover, EIZO impresses with excellent product quality and reliable service.”

When selecting the best-suited EIZO monitor, it was important for S-Kreditpartner to find a model that would display as much information as possible while maintaining very high image quality, and which could be used for all kinds of different applications. The EIZO FlexScan EV3237, with its 4K ultra-HD resolution and 32-inch display, completely fulfills these requirements. Accordingly, the Berlin-based company uses the EV3237 in all departments – in the office, in the call center, in software development, and in system administration.



And what do the S-Kreditpartner employees think of the new monitor?

“Thanks to the screen size, the EV3237 gives us the impressive advantage of being able to place several applications next to one another at the same time,” explains Oliver Kyborg. “And individual applications such as Excel or our bank’s internal programs are now displayed far more clearly, which means that we can make much better use of them,” adds Matthias Gängler. Both he and Kyborg are responsible for process control in the Customer Service department.


Oliver Kyborg

Matthias Gängler