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Message from the CEO


Yoshitaka Jitsumori

President and CEO,
EIZO Corporation

Since its founding, EIZO Corporation has consistently been an imaging specialist developing, producing and selling high quality and sophisticated imaging products and related solutions.

Over the years, our business model, which we have built and enhanced to meet specialized needs, is unrivaled. Currently, our product range is widely used not only in typical homes and offices, but in fields such as healthcare, creative work, various industries, and amusement.

With the aim of further strengthening and innovating our business model, we announced our fifth mid-term business plan (3 year plan) starting in fiscal year 2015. Carrying out this plan calls for transforming from a conventional “Monitor Company” to a “Visual Technology Company.” The business model as a Visual Technology Company will be not only about monitors, but also about products such as peripheral equipment and control software to provide a total solution business. With that in mind, in October of 2015, we acquired the system integration business for the healthcare market from Imation Corporation, and in July of 2016 the surgical and endoscopic monitor business from Panasonic Healthcare Co. Ltd. to expand our business reach and increase our strengths.

The industries that we serve are constantly changing, and respectively our products have significantly changed since our founding. From our large B&P (Business & Plus) core, our business development which has branched into areas such as healthcare, creative work, V&S (Vertical & Specific), and amusement, has in a sense, inevitably flown in this direction. But from now on, we have to establish a new goal, and with great urgency, build the bridge that will reach that goal. With this feeling of urgency, whilst designing a business model with an eye 10 years into the future, we will continue to evolve as a Visual Technology Company.

From now on we will continue with manufacturing in Japan as our core, and based on our determination to remain viable and our self-confidence, we will push ahead. This determination led us to complete a new factory at our headquarters in February of 2016, and a new MIL standards test and evaluation center, also at our headquarters, in March of 2017, as we continue to expand our development and production base in Japan.

While continuing to value our customers, shareholders, business partners, employees and all of our stakeholders, we aim to realize an abundant future society through visual technology, and further grow as a company.

Yoshitaka Jitsumori
President & CEO, EIZO Corporation