Environmental Policy

We, the EIZO Group, are aware that our products have an impact on the environment. In our product development work we therefore consider friendliness to the environment to be part and parcel of product quality. We endeavor to supply our customers worldwide with products developed to common specifications that meet or exceed the environmental requirements of individual countries as well as our own environmental standards. We are conscious of the importance of environmental preservation as a common issue for all humankind and pledge to do our utmost to protect the environment in all aspects of our corporate operations.

  1. We endeavor to constantly remain up to date on and to strictly adhere to environmental laws and standards applicable to our corporate operations and products, as well as other environmental preservation requirements of society at large. We determine environmental objectives and targets based on a clear understanding of such requirements as well as the environmental impact of our corporate operations and products. These objectives and targets are reviewed on a regular basis to achieve ongoing improvement of our environmental management system and performance. 

  2. At the research and development stage, we pay careful attention to the design of our products to minimize the consumption of resources and energy, ensure ease of recycling, and reduce the volume of toxic substances. Our aim is a continuous raising of our environmental standards. 

  3. In our corporate operations we give due consideration to conserving energy and resources. We work to reduce the volume of waste products generated by our operations and to dispose properly of all waste generated. We are engaged in positive efforts to promote the collection and recycling of used products discarded by consumers. 

  4. We constantly monitor the latest information related to the environment through our information network, which includes our overseas facilities and affiliated companies. We endeavor to share information appropriately by disclosing and disseminating details of our own environmental initiatives, and we work with others in common efforts aimed at preserving the environment.

  5.  We educate all company members and strive to deepen their awareness of environmental matters, while creating members of a team that will be committed to the effective use of natural resources and energy, and to the protection of our global environment.