Environmental Management System

We have been operating the Environment and Energy Management System under our Energy and Environmental Basic Policy since obtaining ISO14001 certification in July 1998. We have also implemented measures for generating less waste and reducing resource and energy
consumption. Moreover, we have achieved progress in other areas by operating the system, which sets targets that explicitly respond to the trend toward environmentally sound products and the growing public interest in eco-products.


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Activities under the Environmental Management System

Enhancing the environmental performance of our business operations requires integrating them with our environmental protection activities. To do so, EIZO has environmental protection initiatives in place that comply with the revised ISO 14001:2015 standards under the leadership and control of the director responsible for environmental management. These initiatives are linked with management policies and business strategies set by top management. The Corporate Safety Section of the General Affairs Department is responsible for promoting our corporate activities while also managing the energy consumption of our facilities and equipment, chemical substances and waste. The Certified Standards Section of the Technology Management Department is responsible for our products, gathering environmental information from around the world and promoting the development of environmentally sound products.

Environmental Management System Audits

Our ISO 14001 certification was maintained and updated in fiscal 2018 after a third-party institution conducted an external audit. Internal audits and customer-led audits concerning chemical substance management have also been carried out in response to increased awareness of chemical substances in recent years.


ISO 14001 certification

EIZO Corporation ISO14001 Certification Scope