Compliance with Environmental Standards

In our effort to proactively develop environmentally sound products, we observe the legal requirements of Japan and other countries and comply with major voluntary environmental standards in each market for our flagship products.
In Europe a number of regulations are being enforced, including the WEEE Directive (collection and recycling of discarded electrical and electronic equipment), the RoHS Directive (use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment), the REACH Regulation (registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals) and the ErP Directive (eco-designing for energy-related products). These regulations were developed in Europe; however, they have been playing an important role in encouraging other countries and regions to take similar steps. Our products comply with these regulations.
We also respond to environmental labeling standards such as TCO Certified Generation 8 (international comprehensive standards for monitors), EPEAT (international environmental standard for PCs/monitors), ENERGY STAR 7.1 (energy efficiency standard established in the United States) and PC Green Label (Japanese environmental standard for PCs/monitors). In addition, we are actively involved in the development of TCO, ENERGY STAR and PC Green Label. EIZO will continue to focus on developing green products while keeping an eye on the development of environmental labeling.

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