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EIZO Supplier Code of Conduct

EIZO Supplier Code of Conduct

The EIZO Group Principles of Conduct is established as a specific set of codes by which all EIZO group companies must comply, and also as part of EIZO's commitment to all of its stakeholders. In accordance with the principles, EIZO aims to carry out sound business practices globally in a socially responsible manner. In order to ensure this purpose throughout our whole supply chain, EIZO hereby requires its suppliers to comply with this EIZO Supplier Code of Conduct.

Compliance with laws and regulations

  • Suppliers are expected to uphold applicable laws and regulations of the countries and regions in which they operate.
  • Suppliers are required to refrain from offering business entertainment, gifts, or any other benefits contrary to applicable laws and regulations or beyond general business customs.
  • Suppliers are required to refrain from any relationship with anti-social groups or organizations.

Human rights and labor

  • Suppliers are required to treat workers with dignity and not to engage in discrimination based on race, gender, age, nationality, religion, etc. in hiring and employment practices.
  • Suppliers are required to compensate employees fairly and follow local wage laws and not to permit deduction from wages as a disciplinary measure.
  • Suppliers are required to strictly prohibit child labor and forced labor.
  • Suppliers are required to respect the rights of workers to associate freely and secure open and appropriate communication between workers and management.
  • Suppliers are required to properly secure working hours, holidays, and vacation for employees, in order to protect the health of employees. Work hours are not to exceed the maximum set by local law.
  • Suppliers are requested to refrain from the use of raw materials originating from conflict areas and high-risk areas that have been produced illegally and not to use or purchase parts, components, or products wholly or partly made of such raw materials.

Quality, delivery and stable supply

  • Suppliers are required to satisfy defined quality requirements, in order to provide safe products and services for our customers.
  • Suppliers are required to disclose necessary information relating to products and services quickly and accurately.
  • Suppliers are requested to promote a high standard with regards to product quality, technology, and delivery time. In addition, suppliers are requested to keep pricing reasonable.
  • Suppliers are requested to keep their capacity to supply products in a stable manner, and are requested to be flexible towards fluctuations in demand.


  • Suppliers are required to comply with applicable environmental laws, regulations, and international treaties.
  • Suppliers are required to have acquired or be in the process of acquiring ISO 14001 or third-party environmental certifications.
  • Suppliers are required to refrain from the use of chemical substances which are prohibited by laws, regulations, or international treaties. Suppliers are required to properly disclose information about the use of chemical substances which are required by regulations, such as substances of very high concern.
  • Suppliers are requested to design products and parts for resource saving, energy saving, and recycling to promote environmental friendliness.
  • Suppliers are requested to make efforts in energy and resource conservation, reduction and recycling of waste, proper control of exhaust and drainage, prevention of environmental pollution, and reduction of environmental impact.

Sound business management

  • Suppliers are expected to promote sound and fair business management. Details regarding suppliers' management policies and business conditions (including financial information) are to be disclosed to EIZO.
  • Suppliers are requested to keep good relations with local communities through cooperation and coordination.

Health and safety

  • Suppliers are requested to provide a healthy and safe working environment for employees, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Suppliers are requested to take safety measures with regards to the operation of machinery and equipment used in the workplace.
  • Suppliers are requested to verify potential accidents and take the necessary safety countermeasures.
  • Suppliers are requested to take necessary measures for risks that lead to health problems such as harmful chemical substances, noise and harmful odors.
  • Suppliers are requested to ensure safety and health (cleanliness) of the facilities, such as dormitories, dining facilities, and restrooms for employees.
  • Suppliers are requested to inform the employees quickly and to take necessary measures to prevent recurrence, in the case a work-related accident occurs.
  • Suppliers are requested to evaluate physically demanding workloads and to control it.
  • Suppliers are requested to conduct the necessary health management programs in order to maintain employees' good health.

Information management

  • Suppliers are required to strictly manage and protect personal and confidential information regarding their companies, customers, and suppliers.
  • Suppliers are requested to protect their computers and computer networks properly from risks and threats in order not to damage their business or business partners.

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